LYRICIST LOUNGE - Holy Holy- Innocent Idibia

        Holy Holy-   Innocent Idibia

Lyricist lounge focuses on the work of legendary Nigerian singer; 2baba as his reggae tune dubbed ‘’Holy Holy’’  came through with dashing lyrical contents. "Holy Holy"  is a conscious tune which sends a message to people who always point accusing fingers at others as though their lives are perfect. 2baba maintained his legendary status with these voluminous lyrical contents which the lounge cannot but relate to line by line.
A Bob Marley-esque beat (reggae) paved way for the chorus, which gave a clear representation of the message being passed. In Pidgin English, 2baba inquired peoples’ ‘Holy Status’. He cited Prophet Elijah and Barrack Obama as his perfectionist examples. It goes thus:
As you dey for there dey claim you holy so
I hope you holy pass Elijah sha
Hope you holy pass the Prophet sha
And as you dey for there dey form Obama so
                           I hope you get all the credential sha                                                                                                     
                                    I hope the people vote you sha

The first verse in this lyrical content talked about how he (2baba) lived his life despite what people said about him.
                                        I just like to keep my head up
                                    There’s no need for compromising
                                     There’s no time so no debating
                                         Just be maintaining the top
                             Motivating, elevating, fortified and visualizing

Despite all these, people are bound to point accusing fingers and try to bring you down so he said:
                               But ah, still they want to run me down
                               Dem (they) only want to see me frown
                                  Dem only want to see me hanging
                                   All the hypocrites and Pharisees

Verse two has some powerful advice against haters. 2baba delivered as his melodious voice resonates with the rhythm. He said:
         As you get opinion make you know say (that) other people get opinion too
                         As you dey do wetin (what) you sabi (can) do
                      Make you know say their opinion no concern you

He continued by explaining celebrity lifestyles and that paved way for the best lines in this content.
                           So he who has no sin should cast the first stone
                          No dey sit down for corner try to dirty my throne
                And anything you yarn (say) 2baba go just dey bone (ignore)
                 Because no be wetin dy for Naija (Nigeria) na em dey for Rome

The aforementioned chorus precedes the third verse which was freestyle. Here, 2baba gave some thoughtful words. He said:

 They go want to boogie down
 But dem (they) no want to
 Have to sacrifice your glory for the crown
So my dear make you no start to frown   
Because anyhow for your life na you be the bigger head.

He continued the freestyle till the beat faded away. Lyricist lounge cannot but relate with these lyrics. The lyricist lounge has made "Holy Holy"  not just a club banger but a message of life. No matter what the haters say, we should all know ‘JahJah (God’s) love is amazing, so let keep on elevating’ as 2baba said in this work.




Hi diary,
Gone are the days when the Yorubas refer to a radio station as a media without feedbacks. Well, my translation might not be perfect but the idea is that you can’t get a feedback from this medium of information. Information are now been received as well as replies from the public through phones. Radio and Television were old medium of passing information. The advent of social media has made information passed easier. Now the broadcasting stations both radio and televisions has social media platforms. The comment sections of these social media is a means of sharing views on a particular subject been posted. It is the feedback section of platforms such as twitter, facebook, instagram and so on.
Millions of stories, pictures and videos are posted on these platforms daily. Comment section is where friends, enemies, followers and so on get to react to whatever that is been posted. To those that surf the web, it’s a place where they are entertained and informed. It is a place where different minds get to show their thoughts. It is a place where people like celebrities also get feedback from their followers. The comment sections also make a post interesting and lively. It is the life of a social media.
One thing I have discovered surfing the web is that the comment section is made of pessimists and the optimists. Just like the world is made of the good and the bad, such is this world too. No matter how positive the post, there will always be a negative comment. If it is a negative post too, there will also be encouragers. If you post a picture of your new car, you will likely see someone saying the car tyres are second hand. Post a picture of burnt house, another will say it is the picture of the day because the owner is an armed robber. From here, I learnt you have to be yourself whatever others say about you. You don’t have to live life based on what people say about you. There are people who have been depressed and hurt by people’s thought. Well it is good to get people talking about you but make sure you don’t fall because of what people say. It is one of the doses of living life well. Remember you only live once. Live it well diary. See you again but don’t forget to drop a comment. We are covered.



Hello boys and girls! It's another day to hangout with your favorite weirdo. Happy with what you see so far? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Today we focus on your independence. By that I don't necessarily mean financial independence or leaving your fathers/mothers house kinda independence. I mean independence from within.

So far we've talked on self love, confidence, all those things. Well, achieving them has been outlined in their own posts. The feeling of uttermost independence and clarity is elevating. I know I feel it everyday.

Independence makes you feel like no matter the hate or shade, thrown at you, you can handle it. No matter the bullshiit served, you can swallow it or vomit on the foot of the owner. 

Independence is confidence. The ability to raise you head high and lift up your chest.

There's a deep flaw associated with having personal independence. A deep emotional scar with it. Independence brings comfort in your zone. Too much comfort that you find it hard to let anyone have the chance to push you. You find it hard to let anyone kill your vibe, just the way over confidence kills.

I'm personally at a point where I'm too comfortable in my zone that I don't care if there's anyone in my life or not. I feel so independent that I don't need anyone to support me mentally or emotionally. Yes, believe me it hurts the people around you!

I honestly don't have any remedy yet for this. Note however that 'no one is perfect'. I just hope I can fix it before the damage is far too gone.


Not Everyone Is A Leader, But Everyone Is The Leader

As confusing as it may seem, every word of it is true. If you can understand that in whatever position you are in life, you have so much influence as those leading you, then you would have understood the true meaning of being a leader and stop feeling inadequate or incomplete about yourself. Big corporations with their teeming number of employees always have brilliant, intelligent, creative people in charge, but all these qualities will be for nothing without the skills and expertise of their staff who are indirectly leaders in their specialty. This is why it is very important here to stress the meaning and importance of being a leader so as not to fall prey to those who have myopic opinion about it.

According to Wikipedia, being a leader means defining and exhibiting moral and ethical courage and setting an example for everyone. It helps you teach leadership skills to your employees who will then help do the “heavy lifting” of moving the company from where it is today to where it needs to be in the future. This definition stress on qualities, not positions. It is centered on attitude of every individual. It is not limited to specific people even within an organization neither does it hit on control of another individual. It summarizes a leader as someone whose attributes are a model to others.

Since the beginning of time, man was created to dominate circumstances, challenges and creation. He was never created to dominate his fellow man, rather they were expected overcome various difficulties together no matter their social status. If therefore, you are in charge of a group of people and you think that as a leader, you should control them instead of motivating them, then you are doomed to fail from the start.  

A leader is not a dictator, but a co-ordinator, he is an organizer, not the unquestionable Delphi oracle. A leader assembled the expertise of others to achieve a common goal because of their expertise and leadership in their respective fields. Infact, a leader should henceforth be defined as one who ensures that all other leaders’ efforts have been maximized for collective benefit.

Wherever you are and in whatever situation you find yourself, you are a leader. If the person in charge doesn’t see it, make them see it with your sincere dedication and commitment. A leader is not a coward, so don’t be one and most importantly, a leader must have the quality of contentment not covetousness, he is expected to be ambitious, but not greedy. This is why when you follow people who present opportunities that are mathematically possible, but realistically impossible, you become greedy and covetous: two quality a leader must shun.

If you have a goal to start something, all well and good, but don’t follow people who encourage others to be independent all in the name of “you are a leader” and yet they cant pinpoint their source of income or outline any tangible achievement. They are not role models.
You are a leader in your place of work or anywhere you find yourself, whether you are in charge or not. The work you do makes you a leader because if you were not able to do it, there will be a breakdown in maximum result. Therefore don’t degrade your skill, it is what makes you a leading consultant in that area. It is what sets you apart. 



You hold me like an anchor,

Like suicide ropes hold their beloved

Without fear for the soul sleeping silently within

And this soul rests like rosewater in a potter's brown pot

Swaying like a ravenous blizzard who lost its mother.

You whisper my name and I become the words of a poem;

Unable to move, unable to have its own thought:

"Why does your pen only speak poetry?

Why can't it tell a story?

Is it because you lack a creative mechanism to muster distinct thoughts?

Why are your speeches and steps scripted? "

Your words strike me like a knife in my chest dragged up to my throat, stuck underneath my chin,

But yet all I bleed is indecision and the inability to complete a poem

All because my anxiety has pretty hair and polished nails,

She wears a skirt and dark makeup,

And her steps are soundless;

Like rain piercing through clouds even when she wears heels.

But for now this soul will sway,

For now this poetry will speak,

And for now she'll stay with me;

(Or perhaps it'll be forever)

And cause these tears to roll

Like rosewater from the soul.

©Samuel Jr.


Do you love grey?


Ṣàngó olúkòso wọlu! Ilé pa lọ́lọ́
How scared are you of tomorrow?

Ògún lákāyé fé jẹ́ wé tẹ̀dọ̀, ènìyán pọ̀ rà
Does fear breed in you? How many of its kinds?

Iná l’ójú, iná l’ẹ́nu. Kò ṣe wò, kò ṣe sá fún
When will you be great? Fear sure is rooted in you 

Ẹní bá pa'rọ́ f'ògún, á wẹ̀ l'àgbàrá ẹ̀jẹ́
Stop the lie to yourself, this isn’t your limit

Yèyé ọba bínú, Ó sọ ara rẹ̀ di ọ̀dọ́
Let anger push away that which limits you

Iyemọja nda ìgboro ọ̀sà rú; ọmọ rẹ̀ kan sọnù
Quiet your pursuits, success makes a loud noise

Wọ́n fún èṣù ‘la adin, ibi wọ ìlú
When you feed fear, it eats up your whole being

Ta ló bẹ èṣù l'ọ́wẹ̀? Inú ènìyàn l'ẹgbin
The wicked can smell your fear! Beware!

Èṣù lālu ògiri ókó pa'wọ́ pọ̀ pẹ̀lú Ògún
Fear that grips and cripples man, how laudable are you?

Ta ló mọ ìbẹ̀rù? Ta ló ríi? Ta ló nbọ? Ènìyàn ni.
We give power to what we feel, we feed fear – Fear not!

Ọ̀rẹ́ fi ìbẹ̀rù sílẹ̀. Kò sí ewu l'ode, àfi gìrìrì àparò
Be woke! Wade through your fear and be strong!



Hi diary,

It’s so good to have you as a voice to help make the world a better place. I’m always marveled when I see a team set up by Pep Guardiola; Manchester City Football Club coach. For me, it’s a model for team work as every member of the team has a part in every moves to attack the opponent and score goals. Tiki-taka is the system used in this regard to bring the best out of every player in the team. It is a short passing style in which the ball is worked carefully through various channels on the pitch. It also involves patience and ball possession is above everything in this system of play. I’m not to analyze football as a pundit would do but to pick a lesson of life from this system which won sextuple for the FC Barcelona side of 2009 as well as the Euros and World cup for the Spanish national team in 2008 and 2012 respectively.

There are lessons learnt from this philosophy as the weakest player in the team evolves to be a better player by the help of teammates and the rhythm of play. The rhythm of play could be likened to a favorable condition which allows all to reach their potentials. I believed we would all do well in life if we have a helping hand as no one is born without something deposited in him/her. No wonder the goalie in a tiki-taka system is of importance as the build-up starts from him despite that his work is to save goals. There are so many talented individuals just like Lionel Messi who thrived very well as a result of freedom in the final third of the pitch in this system. Most of these talents in our society have found it difficult to thrive because there are no help for them. It’s a pity when those who are supposed to serve as a conduit to others have blocked the two outlets. Life is so good when you have someone to leverage on.  We all need a hand to get to the top as those who are up there were once helped. It’s so good when you die but yet lived on; when many people can truly say you are part of their successes. Life is sweet like tiki-taka when we get to the top together.

You don’t have to have it all to help others. No matter your level in life, you can still help someone stands to his/her feet. Life is satisfying when we render services to humanity. Kudos to those who are giving to charity, NGOs/volunteer groups doing their best to save lives and other individuals who deem it fit to cater for the needs of others. ‘’Blessed is he who has regard for the weak, the Lord delivers him in times of trouble’’ my daily guide says so. Diary, won’t you help to raise a hand today?  What a joy we would have standing on the podium to receive medals together as a winner. See you again readers, do your best to make the world a better place. Hugs and kisses.

LYRICIST LOUNGE - Holy Holy- Innocent Idibia

        Holy Holy-    Innocent Idibia Lyricist lounge focuses on the work of legendary Nigerian singer; 2baba as his reggae tune d...