How BIZEdo AGN elects Osagie Elegbe as New Chairman

Edo AGN elects Osagie  Elegbe as new chairman

According to Adedayo Odulaja, Edo state chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) during the week elected officials to run its affairs for the next three years.
The election, which was held inside the main hall of the Oba Akenzua Cultural Centre, Benin City, under the close supervision of the AGN’s South South Vice President, Mens Ikpeme, was peaceful.

Officials elected included Osagie Elegbe(Chairman), Sylvester Uwadiae(Vice Chairman), Joel Opute (Secretary), Uyigue Osaro(Assistant Secretary), Kelly Ogbemudia (Treasurer), Patience Otokiti (Public Relations Officer), Lovebest Ogie (Financial Secretary), Precious Aigbangbee (Provost) and Isokpenhi Christopher (Director of Guild Services).
Members, who came from as far as Yenagoa, the Bayelsa State capital, to participate in the process namely Dr. and Mrs. Dennis Reuben and Josephine Uwagboe Omadelu (Manager Programmes, NTA Yenagoa), gave kudos to the free and fair manner the election ended.

Eghe Obaseki, the chairman of the electoral committee, called on the new team to ensure that they take the activities of the guild to the next level.

In his acceptance speech, Osagie Elegbe, who is returning for a second tenure, promised to ensure that members’ welfare and other germaine issues are attended to promptly.

LYRICIST LOUNGE - Spy Candy - Jidenna and Tiwa Savage

                                  Spy Candy _ Jidenna and Tiwa Savage

 Spy Candy by Nigerian-born American singer; Jidenna featuring African Bad Girl; Tiwa Savage came through the lounge with appealing lyrical contents. Spy Candy, off Jidenna’s Boomerang EP is a romantic story arc focusing on the paranoia that often comes with relationship. Produced by Nana Kwabena with a synch-driven beat, the artistes did well to spice the candy.

   The first three lines of the first verse by Jidenna were catchy coupled with his good vocals.

                                     In a hotel with a broken glass

                                     I fell in love with a perfect ass

                                 This kind of love is ain’t built to last

He repeated afterwards ‘you know it’ to let us know the first and second line were really a situation of Spy Candy. He then permitted his love to spy on him by saying:

                                You follow me; I am your spy candy’

 This leads to the chorus which keeps the listener on replay mode.

                                      Everybody wanna follow

                                                Spy candy

                                    You spy on me sometimes

                                       I spy on you sometimes

 Tiwa Savage’s sonorous voice adds bite to the music. The melody is strong and tuneful. Her vocal tone was attractive as she kept the listeners in awe with her story. She revealed the information she had gathered from her Spy Candy.

                                I saw you went home for the holidays

                  With your brand new car and your brand new baby                                                              And that will be your first love since I went away

She explained she couldn’t quit him because of the bonds they had shared. Tiwa’s part was not complete without her rendering the chorus. It was sweet.

                                      We know the same people

                                           It’s hard to see you

                           You cannot hide, you are my spy candy

   Jidenna opened the last verse in emphatic fashion. The verse continued with catchy lyrics to express his thoughts on the relationship.

                        I only travel with you in the virtual, baby

                  You popping up when I don’t even search for you, baby

                   I should prolly (probably) turn off all my alert for you, baby

                                                   But no

The lyrical contents in this lounge were so sweet. No wonder the artistes said:

          ‘’We can’t escape the famous life candy, you are so sweet’’.



My country is a hurricane
She swirls her hips like a mad woman
And devours anyone who dares to dance.
She is a wildfire spreading fast,
Her flames, consuming any life form she comes across.
(My country goes really well with bad metaphors.)
She is shameless, unmindful that her name
resonates outside the continent like a church bell rung by a drunk exorcist.
At least, I am ashamed to mention her name.

Here, our lungs are filled with the corruption we breathe each day,
Our ears are withered because of the vain promises the leaders spit from their sugarcoated lips.
But what do they know about the sufferings?
What do they know about the cries that rise from empty stomachs and bereaved chimneys?
Everyday, poverty eats through countless homes and you can still see the marks of its teeth on the walls if you look closely.
Somewhere there is a little girl holding on to the pinkie finger of her mother;
She has dust on her cheeks,
Oil stains on her gown,
And her lower lip is cracked like every street in her home town.

The streets of my hometown are littered with forgotten dreams and lackluster happiness,
With rubber slippers, charcoal stained fingers and roast corn sellers with babies strapped like ammunitions to their aching backs.
sweeps around, creating an atmosphere of fear and formidable distress.
has become a masquerade for both genocide and mendacity
tiptoes on the mattresses of starving families like a ballet dancer on crumbling ice.
So whenever you call your compatriots, tell them to rise only because their nation has fallen,
Tell them their fatherland is polluted with the blood of nursing mothers and defenseless children.
Ask them how they can dig the earth in search of peace when their hoes and cutlasses do not swing in unity.

My country hovers like a half-winged butterfly,
Lacking the knowledge of how to evolve.
She is an eagle with wings but there are arrows on both her shoulders stopping her from soaring;
For the colour green is weak, fading fast into a canvas of a quenchless, tainted white.

©Samuel Jr.



Hi diary,
After a long day at work, I retired home to my bed to get some rest. I tried to close my eyes but couldn’t zoom off to sleep as I listened to conversation from a saloon which was a block away from my residence. I have heard several romantic and sexual stories from this frequency (saloon) but today’s discussion by the ladies struck my mind as if Thor was in action.
’My baby boy will clock six tomorrow, I have catered for him all alone through these years, so why will I stay under one man’s roof in the name of marriage’’ an anonymous sonorous voice said. ‘’Singlehood is so sweet; you would be free like a bird, chase your dream without disturbance and enjoy life to the fullest. If our society questions you, show them the number of marriages in which their wedding rings has been thrown into the lagoon’’ another said. ‘’…but God’s mandate for his handwork is to be fruitful and multiply’’ another jumped in as I turned, trying to adjust my antenna. ‘’which planet are you from madam? When there are several means of procreation. With medical science, you would be pregnant without the joystick. That’s if you really don’t want a baby father’’ if I don’t know any other voice, I think I know this, it’s from the saloon owner. With these, I confirmed that the marriage institution is declining in our society. Three out of the four speakers were sick of ‘’marriage’’. I knew in my mind that the apprentices who were silent were well fed.
In truth, these ladies have found alternatives to living as a couple just like the opposite sex. Men are the best subscriber to these at this very age. All you have to do is to have a baby mama to procreate. Sex is never a big deal because at a wink of an eye, you would have access to ladies at any rate. You might don’t want to become a chef, the array of fast foods and restaurants have been feeding mouths since ages past. If the benefits of getting married are enjoyed then there should be a way out to make marriage worth it. In this regard, I felt there should be something that would make guys sees sense in the marital institution. I felt friendship could be a way out. If we could have a friend not a husband/wife who would serve as the heart beat for which life depends, then marriage would worth it. A friend with whom you could build the Tower of Babel together; set goals, chase dreams and accomplish it. A friend with whom you will not get tired come rain, come sunshine. A friend with whom marriage is not an institution, but eternal life. Diary, you are lifeless, you could have been a perfect friend. Blue, black or red ink, you have never quit. All you have to do now is to make your realize marriage still worth it. Well, I can see you brimming with smiles. See you again guys. Gracias!


Original Baby_ Simi

Lyricist lounge chose Simi’s ‘Original Baby’ off the self-titled album ‘Simisola’. This sixth track ‘Original Baby’ passed a message on being yourself no matter the circumstance or situation you find yourself. Simi said No to living as a replica of someone else as she portrayed her originality in her sonorous voice. Lyricist lounge found the lyrical content catching, you have to relate with the words therein.

The songstress kicked off in style as she portrayed her being in the first verse. The lyrics were in English and Pidgin English.

                          I’m just an ordinary girl, sitting in the hallway

                         I no dey (I don’t) turn up, cause I’m a little boring

                       But I’m the life of the party because I’m kinda funny

                          Money don’t drive me, I drive my money, yeah

The pre-chorus had Simi admitting to her originality. She came up with thoughtful lines as she said:

                        Everything is not for everyone and that is okay

                                           You gotta take me as I am

                           I’ll be better but I’ll never be somebody else

The chorus which was an anthem gave some advice. It came with tips for being original.  Lyricist lounge couldn’t be carried away by the songstress’ voice so we had to stick with the pure lyrics.

                              (Original baby) Yeah, wherever you go be yourself

                                     Ah, you can never be somebody else

                                    Yeah, whatever you do, you better be true

                                    Oh, no matter the pressure be yourself.

You get to know more about the song writer as verse two came with short crazy lines.

                            I talk a little too much; I got it from my mama

                              My baby tell me say, oh me I get the drama

                               Do the best I can, because I believe in Karma

                         Maga don’t pay me, no I pay my maga.

The final verse continued the tempo as well as the exciting lyrics.

                                 Nobody perfect, no be (isn’t a) lie

                                    I get (have) flaws, I can’t deny

                                But everybody get em personality oh

                              My guy make (you should) you live your life

                                  Person who love you, go (will) love you die

                                     But you can never satisfy society

Lyricist lounge was thrilled as the chorus ends this top chart music. The lyrical content could be related to as it helped reduce some stress. Lyricist lounge has this so original.

SOLITARY LETTERS - Photographs; Memories

Photographs; Memories

Someday you'll grow old.
You'll look your mother in her monochrome eyes because all you have left are photographs:
Little paper gateways to memories,
Two dimensional portals to what once was and may never be.
You will hold them in your hands but you won't be able to feel the skin and curves of your ex-lover's body,
Or the wrinkles sketched around your father's eyelids like tiny water ripples.

Only then will you realize that memories are songs we composed in the journey of growing up,
But only a few of us can remember.
Some of us have burnt the paper with which we once wrote the lyrics,
Some of us have hung them up on the walls of our minds and put symbolic frames around their edges,
Just so we do not lose them,
Just so we do not forget.

In the end we are nothing but memories;
Etched on the chalkboard of those whose love we are worthy of,
Sometimes in a photo album bounded by paperback.
©Samuel Jr.
You stir up rage and bewilderment within me till my eyes let out the smoke.
I showed them everything which you were though you never did acknowledge me.
I brought you out and taught you to those who didn't know the texture of your name.
Yet I am still the flesh you choose to wound and leave watching from the terrace.
You have let the ones I led to you dwell inside your mansion and feed with the dishes which once belonged to me.
I have become the same stranger I was before I met you,
But with a little chain of discoloured memory.

©Samuel Jr.


Hi diary,

I have brought you words in verses to help make this world a better place for you and me. It is titled ‘’Brother’s Keeper’’ and it goes thus:

                                                                     As sepals to a flower;
                                                                    Be your brother’s keeper
                                                                    As food is to the sower;
                                                                  Never eat alone, it does matter
                                                                Breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper;
                                                                 Never let another mouth be a filter.

                                                                       As balm of Gilead to a healer;
                                                                          Be your brother’s keeper
                                                                      If it is a thorn, be the remover;
                                                                       Never let him tread on danger
                                                                           In your tongues lies power;           
                                                                     Lift his soul and make him stronger.

                                                                            As the Lord is a strong tower;
                                                                             Be your brother’s keeper
                                                                           As a city is guarded by soldier;
                                                                        Watch the back of your brother
                                                                      Life was given to you as a partaker;
                                                                        Don’t put another’s life on the wire.

                                                              As lions get their families covered;
                                                                    Be your brother’s keeper
                                                             As a lonely animal against a pack suffer;
                                                     Will you hurt your brothers to be a lone ranger?
                                                           All you have was given, not by your power;
                                           Will you flex your muscle and not heed to these words brother?

It has been an awesome day with you diary. Remember to be your brother’s keeper. See you again soon by His grace. Adios!

How BIZEdo AGN elects Osagie Elegbe as New Chairman

Edo AGN elects Osagie  Elegbe as new chairman According to Adedayo Odulaja, Edo state chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN)...