"A system our society needs to debunk, where honour as mighty as it is, is relegated to an automatic attache to possession, position and progeny and no more a function of the content of character and the height of goodwill - the system of modelling on people because of their display of things fools can acquire via cheap inheritance."  

 -   Ayo Ayanfe


Don't call me father
Because you think I'm fifty,
and this one should be called daddy
Don't call me father
because I built a mansion
that will never afford you protection.
Because I fly in the executive jet,
don't call me father yet.
Don't call me father because a woman said I gave birth to you;
If I can't give life to you.
Don't call me father
Until I do
What love will have me do
With ease. 

Ayo Ayanfe is a communication enthusiast and a lover of humanity who, always learning from his number one role model - Jesus the Christ, and other world changers, believes the true understanding and demonstration of Love is the only vaccine by which this sickened world can be healed. A belief which he propagates through his written works and concocts into a personal trending mantra: Define Love, Distinguish Love, Demonstrate Love, to make his society unlearn a lot and learn anew about Love.
Being a volunteer in various religious and social youth spheres, he had contributed heartily through humanitarian activities to the welfare of the less-privileged and the upcoming generations. His poetics works had been presented on several platforms of intellectual exhibition.

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