" A letter from the heart can be read on the face"......Unknown.............Short story. ___ I boarded a bus going to UI. The bus 🚌 was about moving when I hopped in. Few minutes after we took off, one of the passengers started a discussion on the state of the nation. We all joined in the conversation except for a lady in the front seat. While I was speaking, I had a facial contact with the pretty lady through the bus side mirror. She turned her neck and quickly face front. The face I saw made me speak fluently. I made sure I repeated the phrase " I stand at that bus stop 🚏 every morning as early as 5am yet an old man is saying we are lazy". I couldn't say hi before she alighted from the bus at Bodija but I tried to smile at her. Her face was registered in my mind permanently that moment as a PVC. The next morning, I got a reply to our facial expressions as I met her standing at the bus stop 🚏 as early as 4:45am. We exchanged pleasantries and that led to the signature of our love ending with yours lovely.

                                                                  TOLULOPE FASUYI

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  1. I love the deduction tight from the begining.

    Yours lovely



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