Question: Who loves more between a mother and a wife?

Miracle: A wife is a mother, a mother is a wife. I think they both love equally.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: I think a wife loves more. Why? Because the mother loved a baby without habits or ego. The child was tabularasa so he never really argued with his mother but the wife sees all the ego, stink and flaws and still chooses to be with him.

Miracle: Okay,  since I have to make a choice, I think a wife loves her husband sexually, financially and physically but a mother loves her son differently maybe totally. If put on a scale, it could still be equal love.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: It's confusing what love really is though. With all that love a wife gives; a man still considers her replaceable yet his mother - not (no matter how terrible).

Grace: I think both love at the stage and  time specific for them.
A mother loves  her son from the day she gave birth  to  him till he marries. True that she will continue  to  love  him but not as before. She has played her card and hands it to his wife who continues as  a faithful wife till the  end.

Successa: For me a mother's love is natural, pure and without prompt. A wife on the other hand learns to equate that unwarranted, undiluted love. And highly elevated would that love be. It could be a par.

Jilams: I think that the love for one's mother is borne out of a debt or gratitude to her. Everything the child has become, the mother made it possible; Good or bad, hence irreplaceable, but for a wife, it's different because the love you are trying to create is borne out of mutual trust, free from any form of debt.

Angel: The answer is TIME.
A wife wouldn't love you while you are tender so, you need a mother's love to grow as a child and when you're grown, you need the love of a wife to sustain your heart, keep you in shape for better parts yet! The difference is a mother gives you her love unconditionally, a wife gives you her love with a premise but both sacrifices a lot to see you in the best shape.The mother's job is temporal,the wife's job is eternal until death do you part.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Angel, Does Time love more?  Or time proves who loves more? I'm lost. I only understand your comparison but don't find the answer to who loves more.

Jilams: A wife or husband's love for his spouse is one of dependence and trust in each other. If someone doesn't even trust his/her mother, they will say that their mother is irreplaceable; but for spouse, there should be mutual respect, unflinching trust and transparent honesty. On who loves more though, it's the mother.

Angel: They naturally are special women. Both women would love a man selflessly, purely, unconditionally in all his uniqueness and throughout his life time. Time alone is what determines their reign. Like when a boy child is born, it's impossible for any wife to love him at that moment, he gets all the love he needs from his only source 'mom' and when the time is ripe, mum passes the baton (at that time when she might not be able to do so much like when he was little) to wife who takes up the job wholly till death do them part. Note, none can ever be comparable to the other neither should they be compared at all. They're like two good soldiers who served at different times. They accomplished  great things during their tenures and they're not to be compared irrespective of the present physical position. A hero will always be an hero ... They both are ruthless lovers whose love are great. Almost the same and parallel at the same time; but for time, their time can never be swapped. A wife can't love you at the time a mother should and vice versa.  Wife and mum are angels on assignment with specific time of duties, can't swap assignments but do their best on each turn.

Tolu: It has been a great day here once again looking into today's topic "mother or wife? Who loves more?".
Finally for me, the mother is the woman who gives birth to a child. She has shown great love by bringing forth the child. She could have flushed him down before meeting the wife. Yet the wife's love can't be set aside because he needs it to fulfill his life's purpose. Love can be defined in many ways but true love is unconditional. Which I believe the mother has the most.
Well the argument can still continue in the comment section so share your opinion with us.
                                                - BY TOLULOPE FASUYI

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