Question: 'Is Love with conditions real or not real?'

My reason for asking is because people say, 'there is no love that is perfect' yet we are quick to judge a lady who says she would love to have a man who beats her but can provide her a lambo as an apology gift.

Tosin: I am an advocate of 'don't judge me' so if that's what the lady wants, by all means, go for it.

Successa: Mm. . . like I know you have always read me preach/write. Love is firstly, LOVE. And love is the real deal. It comes without conditions. It is ABSOLUTELY UNCONDITIONAL!
#my two penny thoughts.

Tolu: It is real for me. Seen people who are battered by their lovers yet they say its the magic of their love because the man is money. I have seen captions that say 'I'd rather cry in a limo than laugh on a bike'. For me conditional love is real. 'Money is love' people say. I'm not a love doctor though, but a love patient.

Samuel: Well, in this case I'd question the fact that he beats you? Is there any reasonable reason? If he loves you in the first place, beating shouldn't be a part if the expression...

Tosin : People define love differently; but love definitely has conditions. You stick to it or no. He beats but gives you gifts. The question is do you want to live that way? If you want to please carry on.

Samuel Grace: You question the parties involved because the society does not know the depth of the matter. They only criticise what they see.

Successa: Love which to me, is pure, embracing and gentle; totally all encompassing cannot be hurt, bitter or deadly.

Tosin Yali: oh yea the thing is there is nothing like a perfect love... it always has conditions.
I will give examples. He cheats on me but he takes care of me and the kids - I cannot do without him case 1.
I love him but he drinks and comes home late- I dont see myself loving another person - case 2.

Tolu: The society is sick for fighting them. That's if those involved are not complaining. Both parties may have gotten remedies for the pains of love.

Successa: To love another, you must first love yourself.
And one hardly beats/ hurt themselves, thus, in the sample you gave above, you may love them, but do they love you?

Samuel: Hmmm... but is that true love though? 🤔🤔🤔

Successa: Love is not 'perfect' but it is the imperfect made perfect by the virtue it proclaims.

Tosin: I think true love is what you define it to be. Overrating love and calling it perfect makes it break. Two people in love are still humans and they have their personal baggages which means they will always fail one another; but sticking through it all makes it true love. Going through thick and thin together and coming out stronger. Really even failing couples deserve a chance if they are willing to make it work

Successa: Thank you!
Such people, have issues with THEMSELVES and would see doing that to others as 'normal' or becoming.
So, if your lover who beats you, thinks they deserve same, then you both have a climax of best love story. But if, when he beats you, it hurts you and he knows this and doesn't stop(he, not liking to be treated so) then it is not love to me.

Hmmmmm... An engaging evening on NiWco street.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this discourse... Love you all!
What says you about the issue on ground? Kindly leave a comment in the box below and let's continue this dialogue. Till next week Thursday on love lane, keep it locked on NiWco. We're taking over.

                                                       By Sandra T. Adeyeye

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  1. There may be no love that is perfect because we are imperfect. Nevertheless, someone who is comfortable with someone who will beat her and apologize with a limbo does not love herself.
    Love is kind, gentle, respectful, self-sacrificing and I believe that is how true love should be. The imperfections should not be beating, cheating...


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