There is no more love, 
We lip sing her name,
That's all we profess and claim,
Where have we gone wrong?
                                                          - Sandra T. Adeyeye
There is no more love,
For we seek from the wrong source,
All we need is self love,
That is where we get it right
                                                         - Miracle Amineshi
There is no more love,
Eye candy of our time,
Lost to the wiles of time,
We confessed our love but naught.
                                                         - Tosin Olanrewaju
There is no more love,
No hue to limn this heart,
The clouds are dark above,
As it all falls apart.
                                       - Samuel
Self love, more love,
Them love, no love?
How can't love be love?
When love is not but bought?
                                                         - Sandra T. Adeyeye
Self love makes one kind,
Self love makes one happy,
Self love makes one selfless,
Kindness, happiness and selflessness,
Makes one love another. 
                                                         - Miracle Amineshi
Confess, profess - no less,
Love lays buried in time,
We want more yet spend less,
That's the story of our time.
                                                            - Sandra T. Adeyeye
We thought we were in love,
Rather we confused our longing,
For the journey to true love,
Starts from self love. 
                                                         - Tosin Olanrewaju
No more love?
Have you seen your mom's heart?
Seen her smile when you call her "mom"?
As it burst forth?
                                                        - Miracle Amineshi
'Love another' says you?
You wouldn't give up your space on a cue,
Or help another with fare for a bus,
Love of you - Isn't this self love?
                                                            - Sandra T. Adeyeye
Love yourself much?
Love yourself a little,
Share the love as much as you can,
There is love in giving too.
                                                         - Tosin Olanrewaju
Yes, love falls apart,
Reminds me of the wind and my hat,
The dialogue between my head and heart,
Yes, love tore them apart!
                                                                 - Sandra T. Adeyeye
'Love another' I say,
Like giving my last meal,
And paying someone's bill,
That is self lov
                                                                -Miracle Amineshi
Self love, our greatest bane,
We speak sane, yet all insane,
The preacher speaks of love,
Yet drives by his pew in a rush.
                                                                - Sandra T. Adeyeye
Follow my words and not acts,
Truly my love is all a show,
But soon time will tell,
If my love can stand the test!
                                                               - Tosin Olanrewaju
'Another love' you say,
That kind I will say is lust,
The kind I won't give my meal,
The kind I won't pay bills,
But I will give my soul for keep.
                                                           - Miracle Amineshi
Momma's heart beats no more,
For she listened to the grave,
And left my young heart sore,
Love is not what I crave 
                                           - Samuel
God rest her soul,
But you know she loves you so,
Her love is enough to make you strong,
Love is what she gave 'YOU'"
                                                         - Miracle Amineshi
Beyond the grave there is love,
Listen to your heartbeat,
And follow the curve,
Above there is a dove.
                                                - Tolu Fasuyi
Love unconditional, mama's love!
Even if I'm blue or black,
When I'm bad or not, 
She stays still and guides me through.
                                                      - Tosin Olanrewaju
And in strength I shall grow,
With my wings glittering gold,
Over sadness I will soar,
And sing the songs untold.
                                      - Samuel
Oh, a mother's love,
She watches from above,
Even though gone,
She is true love.
                                                            - Sandra T. Adeyeye
Yes, in my heart she lives,
I hear her voice in me,
This I do believe,
My soul now leaps with glee. 
                                           - Samuel.

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