We live with dreams craving to become reality
Watered with the sweetness of success
Adored like the Queen of the coast where splendor lies at the feet

The tenor of our inner desire seems unquenchable with each passing tide
It searches deep within for its uniqueness
When life exhibit a meager effect

Day by day the caption remains the same
Today, 'tis a fight against adversaries
Tomorrow, the quest to sustain the trend
Which leaves a massive trite in the highs and lows

We shatter nature's design to fan the flames our desire
After 12,000 years, the Holocene is gone
We now contend the Anthropocene
With little efforts at the central supposition
Of our omnifarious 21st century way of life

Our love will buy us no good when its conditional
Our juxtaposition might take us far to the end of the dark
Why wait to see when the world gets better
when you can better it with your better side?

We can spice up the world with our smiles
Not on our faces but on the ones we'll meet
Why not make a better world with your smiles
And taste how much spice you have put in?

Ndukwu Valentine Anthony aka VanisMcanthony (a combination of his names initials) is a highly motivated and tolerant Nigerian youth who is passionate about researching and writing in the quest to provide solution to Africas pragmatic societal problem that might endanger Africas future if not treated today. He is an accountant and an entrepreneur working on providing an adoptable model for personal development and goal setting.
The poem Posterity” is a flash light on how some of our man-made activities have create harm  and what we can do now to create a vibrant and prosperous environment for the future generations.
All rights to this content is reserved, No part of this content may be used or reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the writer, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and uses permitted by copy right law. For permission requests, email the media team at:


  1. This is great, more of this Bro.

    1. Anticipate more. Thanks for your complement.

  2. Val is a great man. Nice one bro

    1. Thanks for your complement. I'm actually learning from you. Ha!

  3. Good articulation and expression. Really depicts some truths about Africa.

  4. Excellent piece bro. Hope to get more!

    1. More is definitely coming. Thanks for your complement.

  5. We can better the world with our better sides! Val my best friend. You are a great man indeed! #niceone.#word.

    1. Everyone, irrespective of size, color, and physical appearance, have a better side and a better purpose. Our conscious efforts in extracting these attributes and exhibit them in our day to day life actually make us and the future better. Thanks for your complement.

  6. I do like that line "...we can better the world with our better side". Its a really nice piece depicting truth..

    1. Very true. And we have to live by this truth to leave a more happier world for the future generations. Thank you for your complement.

  7. Awesome write up Val. This is thoughtful and insightful.

  8. I love the write up, keep it rolling bro. More Grace


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