Did you know? "Egyptians believed that there was a vein in the fourth finger, known as the lover's vein, that was connected to the heart, an untrue theory that Romans also came to believe many years later. To signify that {if} a man had a hold of a woman's heart, he would follow the gospel of Beyoncé and put a ring on it, a practice that lives on today." - as culled from my online research. It still leaves me wondering who started it all. I mean, whoever came up with that idea? What was going on in their mind while they conceived such an idea? Did they consult anybody? Was it their plan all along that every married individual must wear it on that same finger? Or, perhaps, they just flowed and other people got in the groove and that became good old known tradition, cum the 'right' way to wear it? Why is my thought loud on this?
Just the other day, my married friend and I were at a wedding; this friend is a lot like me when it comes to doing things differently. She wears her wedding band on her digitus secundus manus, that is, her fore/index/pointer finger y'all. Some guy approached her and began some live sermon, so she flashed her 'ring' finger to him but he seemed not to get the message. Tired of 'minding' my  business, I spelt it out to him:
 "She's a man's treasure already dude; wedding rings and all"
But then my guy looked at me like I just spoke a strange tongue (lol). After his brain was done processing the information, he asked kinda dumbly: "Is that your wedding ring?"
Hahahahahahaha! I mean, can you imagine that?! Hahahaha hahahaha!!!!!!!!! Anyways, he is not the first or only one to be rudely shocked by my friend's 'difference'. So many people react differently to her insistence not to follow the norm. Reactions ranging from the cited guy's dumbness, to shock and admiration, or mortification (this group follows up with preaching why it should be done the "right" way), and back to dumbness. All these make me wanna wear mine in, say, maybe my pollex, or my digitus minimus manus - Uh uh! I'm not explaining that, go find it out yourself.

Hillary Egbeh Successa is a graduate of Theatre Arts, from the University of Benin. She is a Writer, Tutor, Compère and a Fashion Designer. She has her roots in Imo State, but currently resides in Lagos state. She is well travelled and has written some published and unpublished works. Her hobbies are Reading, Writing, Singing, Travelling, Listening to people and Music.

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  1. I believed each ring 💍 on different finger has a meaning. So if you put urs on the searching /widowed finger then your customers has no fault. Nice one sis.


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