Have you ever been underwater for like a minute? The feeling is out of this world. You start to feel as light as a leaf and nothing else matters anymore except that you are alive and you can feel your breath leaving you slowly.

Getting your head out is the best part. It's almost like you just got out of jail. You feel DISENTANGLED! That's what the girl code does. You think you are free without it but it happens that you're missing out on all the fun of being a girl - really. 

It's weird how a number of girls don't know about the 'Girl Code'? I used to be one of those numbers; I used to be underwater until i got out and swore to live by the rules - our rules!! 
The 'Girl Code' and I will share them with you. Thank me later! 

1.  Watch out for your friends when they're on a new date.

2. Rescue any girl who's being hit on by a creep.

3. When you drop your friend off at her place, wait until she gets in before you drive away.

4.  Give a girl a ride when you can see she's in need.

5. Let your friend vent when she needs to.

6. Don't let a girl walk into a stall without a toilet paper.

7. Give out a tampon/ sanitary towel to a girl who needs it.

8. Let a girl know she has lipstick on her teeth.

9. Don't abandon drunk friends.

10. Never go after your friend's crush - just don't do it.

11. Don't even think about trying to flirt with your friend's boyfriend - don't indulge him if he comes after you.

12. Never snitch on your girl when things go bad between you two.

13. Boost each other's confidence in other subjects - talk about relevant issues like business or politics. 

14. Know that siblings are off limits unless when asked.

15. Be there for your friend through her relationship problems as much as you can but don't meddle.

16.  Let your girl know something is wrong with her outfit - politely that is;  no one likes to have a soft self esteem. 

17.  Give hair bands to those in need.

18. Be there for your friend who just got out of a bad relationship - gossip with her about how bad men are but never talk bad about her ex till you're sure they're never getting back together. Don't even ask why! 

19. Don't even think about going for your girl's  ex-boyfriend except you ready to let go of the friendship.

20. Be nice to all girls instead of putting them down.

 Pheeewwww. Imagine how life would be without all the drama that comes with living against the code? Let's all get ENTANGLED!!!

Nikori Ese Praise is a third year Mass communication student of the University of Benin. Her pen name is P.E.N, an abbrevation of all her names. She loves good music and reads novels. She is inspired by her environment.

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  1. Plz can someone explain no 15 clearly for me and why? Because am so so done with that. My girl friend relationship is none of my business but Change is constant so help me out. Nice write up

    1. Thanks dear for the accolade. Since you are pretty much open to new ideas, the fifteenth number encourages you to be there for your girlfriend through the trying times in her relationship. You wouldn't be nosy if you give her a word of encouragement. Remember, everyone no matter how solitude you are must and would need someone to rely on at some point in time. Be there for a friend but be careful to also know where to draw the line. All the best dear!!

  2. Thank you so much for you advice. I just did this morning and am done. And I have promise not to talk about her relationship again. I really appreciate this


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