"When life hands you lemons, you make lemonades" right? Well, it's not so easy to turn those lemons into lemonades when you are in a really difficult situation like FALLING IN LOVE WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND. 
 We started out as friends. We told each other everything about ourselves. We talked about nothing in particular and started to grow fonder. Like every love story, one person always catches feelings first.  I was the one. I lost to love. I lost so hard that every word became Cupid's arrow, piercing through my heart. 
      Unlike the love stories with happy endings, mine wasn't so happy. I did all the loving and had my heart aching desperately for a love I couldn't get. I couldn't make the first move because I was the 'she'. I couldn't come clean to him about how I really felt. I let my head speak to my heart;
"You can't confess love to a man, it isn't just right". I convinced myself.
      I used to think falling in love was so hard. Well, it turned out that I was wrong. It's the easiest and greatest feeling ever. It goes against every laid down rule and doesn't even care about your standards. It doesn't ask for permission, it brings you to your knees when you least expect. Even  when you don't have the slightest idea how to; love teaches you how. 
        I have loved and lost and it was all because of society's opinion. I wanted to confess my love but I was raised in a society that doesn't give a lady the chance to make the first move/confession. We live in a "wait for him to come get you" kind of world. I don't think it's so much fun anymore.
This is coupled with the fact that a lot of people judge you for having feelings for your best friend of the opposite  sex. What do you think?
       Is it right for a lady to make the first move? Have you ever been in love with your best friend? Share your best friend love experience if you have one

Nikori Ese Praise is a third year Mass communication student of the University of Benin. Her pen name is P.E.N, an abbrevation of all her names. She loves good music and reads novels. She is inspired by her environment.

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