Having the right curves at the right places is the latest trend for the ladies. They now crave for bigger butts just to pull off lovely dresses, look super sexy and appealing in a swim suit. Those who don't have it, want it and those who have it, want it bigger. The only workable options are; the right diet ( to trim the excess waist fats), butt enhancing cream and of course, exercises. Most ladies pick the excercise above all others. The most popular and known to be effective butt enhancement excercise is the SQUAT.

    Squats are known to be effective after a period of time if done regularly. It is known to come with body pains particularly around the lap area for the first 2-3 days of the excercise. However, most ladies do not mind as it is a step from achieving their perfect body figure dreams. 

     The squatting zeal is dwindled sometimes when no noticable changes are made after the first month of dedicated squatting. What then do they do about it? Some then decide to get a corset, butt lifter and padded underwears to get the desired results that they did'nt get from squatting tirelessly.

       It may not be what every lady wants to hear but it is best to embrace your body no matter what size it is. Having smaller butt doesn't make you less attractive as a lady than having bigger butt does. You can be skinny and still pull off that sexy bodycon dress, look sassy in your swimsuit and turn heads like you want to.

The secret is understanding your body. I would give out some tips to understanding your body and the right outfit for the right size next week. 

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Nikori Ese Praise is a third year Mass communication student of the University of Benin. Her pen name is P.E.N, an abbrevation of all her names. She loves good music and reads novels. She is inspired by her environment.
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