Their Mother‘s Pride

I heard them sing,
To no one but their king,
Their smiles like that of the citizens of Lyng (Norfolk),
I became jealous of the good tidings they bring,
So I decided to write my bit,
A song of braise with a ting,
To the Qwing who left me at six,
O! I hail thee,
Rich and mighty I couldn’t ride on your wing,
Sweet and sassy - couldn’t pull your strings,
Till today, You remain in denial of me,
‘I’m childless, without any child’ you say,
How could I blame them for believing your ‘tattle tale’?,
I await the day of avenge at bay,
The day of revelation, of reality and flare,
I heard them sing,
To no one but their Qwing,
My smile like that of the people of Ringe (Denmark),
Never to be jealous of the good tidings - because I’m healed.
                                                                       - Angelicwriter

Qwing is a made up word by writer merged using the combination of the word queen and king, it is used in this poetry to refer to the reference given to a mother by her children who adorned her as a king (male ruler) in the female body.
The poetry is written out of a real life experience, a mum who is crazily rich yet her only daughter could only watch from afar as the mum is remarried and without any child with another man, it’s been over 2 decade since she’s seen her biological mother but she’s since healed of the heartbreak that comes with the detachment.

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