Every continent in the world, from Africa to Antarctica in the north pole, have its unique peculiarities, but most importantly there is diversity in culture, people, beliefs even religion.

As a result, even as we are inhabitants of mother earth we can be said to be different in so many ways.

An amazing fact is, as humans our difference is superficial because we are all one which is evident in our way of life, our love for the arts from music, writing, to good food.

And that brings me to my review, as Nigerian writers colony (NiWco) we believe in originality, consistency and persistence. We aim to take Africa to the world through our love for the arts; on our journey so far, we stumbled on an amazing individual with her great gift Sukanya Basu Mallik, a young lady taking great strides to achieve her dreams with her eyes wide open.

It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation, but Sukanya makes originality with consistency seem easy-peasy.
Her blog in particular – is a testament to her originality.

Really, we are impressed with her works so far as a young Indian lady making positive impacts in her society.
Sukanyabasumallik's blog has been able to stand out for impressive book reviews and author interviews. She takes on the latest books, reads them and gives an unbiased criticism on it. Her reviews engage the readers in such a way that they become curious and want to read the books too.

The author interviews are succinct, truly straight to the point; using words that shows the true intent of the book author. The questions are short but explanatory, indicating her talent as a writer and a book critic.

If you have never given much thought to what happens outside of your country especially as a Nigerian, you will want to know more about a young recent high school graduate in India taking the bull by its horn and living her dreams.

On a personal note as a writer, I truly see a great potential in Sukanya. Her pieces are simple, straight forward and engaging. Hope to see more reviews on Sukanyabasumalik’s blog.
Do visit her website today I’m sure you will find her interesting.

- Olanrewaju Oluwatosin,
NiWco Team.

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