If you think, you are too small to make a difference, you have not spent a night with a mosquito”- African proverb.
The above statement may seem funny, witty and familiar to so many of us, but the truth and meaning is not funny or witty. This is because since the beginning of the world, the marvelous and most astonishing human creations have always had its beginning from the birth of an idea. Therefore, there is no such thing as a thing as a meaningless or insignificant idea. People who have made their mark in life all began with an idea that seemed impossible, insignificant or meaningless to their peers, but because they nurtured it, watched it take form and executed it, they became trailblazers and World changers in their various fields such as science, politics, business, etc. why?? Because they dared to have an idea, believe in the potency of that idea that it can have a resonating impact on the world at large and worked towards its actualization.
It is very unfortunate that so many people in the world especially young ones have sleek and astonishing idea. In fact, when they elaborate on it, you would marvel at the mind of the individual, but when they are asked why they have not started putting it into practice, they become less articulate, giving excuses about the non-availability of resources, some expresses lack of encouragement, and so on. However, one thing common among their excuses is FEAR. Fear of their magnitude of their idea thus making them to limit themselves to excuses rather than using that brilliant mind of theirs to create an alternative to their predicament.
People who make excuses may be right about them but they should know that people who made in life with their idea did not have the available resources with them or the encouragement and motivation to continue. When Nelson Mandela proposed the idea of the “end of apartheid” , it seemed like a joke, but today that idea which began from his university days shone bright and even when there was no motivation, his actions motivated others to continue and that idea which looked so terrifying was achieved.
It is easy to give up, in fact it cost little or nothing at all when you give it. It may seem like the right step to take, but I tell you, the price to pay will be great. It is either someone get that same idea of yours and you watch while he/she makes it work or you live a life below your expectation because you were to scared to act. Either way it goes, the regret, inferiority, hatred and despise of oneself will be too much to bear. Therefore, while not engage the mind that created the idea to provide a direction in the next step.
Dare to nurture your idea. That is the first step to greatness, shaping and molding that idea which requires patience, determination and diligence gives you a boost to become greatness personified. Then creating an avenue to execute the idea and watch it blossom mark you out as a Legend or a phenomenon. It is nurture that idea, its time to make it blossom because IDEA RULES THE WORLD.  
Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...
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