We plan our lives but  mother nature does the final plan.  I was taken aback to the time I had the opportunity to make a choice. Why would I in God's name conceive such a frivolous idea.  My autonomy as a human was long lost the very day I said YES. Oh yes ! Apparently, I brought upon myself a lifetime of calamity. I jeopardized my life the very moment I accepted this irrevocable offer brought to me on a platter of gold, six years ago.
As I write, my heart threatens to detonate. Every single day I cry out from the darkest depth of fear. My strength has failed me. I want to evaporate into thin air. Life is no longer worth living. I live by the lives that came forth from me.
I was young and beautiful, so physically endowed that I drew attention Everywhere I went. My parent had little to offer. Dad wasn't working, his palm oil business collapsed as he always lamented. Mum's income from her akara business kept the family Manageably. I was so fortunate to have completed my secondary education due to Mr Ahmed's benevolence. A member in the church I attended back then.
Despite my suffering in my parent's house,  it is nothing compared to how dissapointed I feel each dawn of the day in this dungeon I call home. whenever the past permeates into my head, I hysterically pray for amnesia. To loose these memories that kill me by bit.
Of course, I was so happy when Mr Ejiofor came to propose to me. He is a cute loving man. As he spoke to me, his azure eyes glittered, my emotions got drowned in his world. At that point I made up my mind to love him till the end of time.
He promised to be a good husband to me, a good son-in-law to my parents, and the best dad to our children. I was devastated when he told me about his wife, and how much he still loves her. At first, I declined the Proposal to be a second wife, but seeing the smile emanating from the pure heart of Adaku, his wife,  I assumed a peaceful home awaited me. I wondered why a beautiful woman as her was still barren.
Don't get me wrong, I didn't marry Ejiofor out of pity. Hell no! It was a marriage not a child's play. I married him , because for the three months we courted, he was everything I needed in a man. So I thought . Deep down in my heart,  I have a soft spot for him. An affection I find difficult getting rid of even when this overpowering urge to HATE him consumes me.
A lot of their promises were fulfilled. Ejiofor showered me with love and took care of my family needs. He still does. But I was kept in the DARK, I am still in the dark, Arrrrrhhhhh...THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD has been stolen from me right under my nose.   
         Stay tuned for the next episode.

Okenwa Stella Ugochi is a graduate of industrial chemistry. She is a lover of books and an addict to writing. She is creative, versatile and witty. She uses writing to motivate and inspire people. She is one of the writers of a food poem tittled; A woman's pot, a man's stomach. Life as a writer to her is a journey, and relentlessly she is going to take the world on a tour with her writing style. 

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  1. I just can't wait for the next episode, woooooo plz not get me wrong am not a gossiper but gist or story like this, I can't miss it for anything not even for food. Oooh I just told someone my secret yes am a foodie

    1. You are so funny... Next episode coming next week sweethrt

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