Children in the basic classes are taught that there are three magic words: 
1) Please
2) I am sorry
3) Thank you.
So long, so many people seem to have a problem getting these magic words through their oratory organ - don't ask me if I mean the mouth, of course I mean the mouth (lol). I was saying, a lot of people cannot seem to produce those words when they are most needed, especially the second word, " I am sorry". Yeah! Come on you can say it; "I am sorry". See? That didn't hurt, did it? I wonder why some persons make it seem like they are going to choke, or worse, die, if they let "I am sorry" come out of them. Why?! It's not like pride is a virtue, so why hold so tenaciously to it? If you got there a second later, when the simple issue turned to a witness centre, you wouldn't believe the story that started it all.
The lady, who, at a glance, was obviously not used to street life, was walking "jejely" along the already crowded sidewalk, when this guy appeared from no where, brushing past her in the most reckless manner you ever saw. Moved by the roughness of such contact, she swayed and would have fallen, were it not for the guy beside her who quickly caught her. I know an upcoming drama once it's about to begin. This was no different. The hero/rescuer, now done with his duty, ran to catch up with the villain, who never bothered to care what happened to the lady he nearly knocked over. Hero drags villain back to the scene of action, all the way villain curses and declares why he shouldn't be bothered.
Hero: "oya say sorry."
 Villain: "ah! Wetin make her dey waka for road like say na her papa geh road? she no see say people full the road, she just block everywhere.."
On and on he went, saying everything , except the words he was instructed to say. Well, it turned out, hero guy was a soilder and  the fragile lady's bodyguard. I will not bore you with how Mr Villain was reduced to a pleading, respect-filled individual all in the space of 290 seconds. All that drama would have been averted, had he just produced the three worded sentence, "I am sorry". Had he done that when he quacked the lady at first, he would not have had to beg or plead like a common criminal at the end. If you are one of such people, who feel your value might depreciate when you use those magic words, please be better guided; your value might appreciate instead. I'm not here to advice anybody though, I'm just thinking out loud.
Hillary Egbeh Successa is a graduate of Theatre Arts, from the University of Benin. She is a Writer, Tutor, Compère and a Fashion Designer. She has her roots in Imo State, but currently resides in Lagos state. She is well travelled and has written some published and unpublished works. Her hobbies are Reading, Writing, Singing, Travelling, Listening to people and Music.

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