Dear Diary,

It’s always fun to write here again. My reflection this week comes from a visit to my fashion designer’s shop. 

It’s an all men’s affair here as I met five other young men listening to tunes from a stereo and also deliberating on various issues. As my new outfit was being packaged, one of the young men who had also visited on the same mission elongated my listening ear and widened my vision. He paid the fashion designer and said,

 ‘’if not for my wife, I never cared about buying and sewing materials because I saw it as waste of time and money. I simply would wear any cloth on my hanger when Owanbe was compulsory."

The last part of his statement caught my attention. He said ‘’since I got married, I have had to run twice my race’’.

The fashion designer who himself pledged to the oath ‘till death do us part’ a couple of years ago jumped in. ‘’When I was single, most times I went to bed with an empty belly. As long as I looked good, had a roof over my head and then quenched my sex appetite, I would be on planet nine. But since I became a family man, I have doubled my hustle’’.

I noticed both speaker dwelled on the need to be responsible in their new homes as a spark to achieving something meaningful with their lives. I began a self-examination as the discussion pedaled on; I thoroughly checked to see if I had been slacking as an unmarried youth.

Nothing awakens the mind to reality as these postulations by these young men. Some other things make men double their hustle but nothing has been more powerful than the responsibility of building a home with someone or raising a child. I thought deeply and  realized that any financial obligation in marriage is tied to pride and a typical man is egoistical. You may argue that other things push men to attain success in all human endeavors but the magic that comes from marriage is enormous. No wonder our society sees you as responsible when you are married and hence the saying ‘’behind a successful man is a woman’’.

Till I unleash my marital magic, enjoy and stay blessed as you anticipate another series on my diary. Hugs and kisses.

Fasuyi Tolulope Samuel is a budding poet and novelist. He has featured in two ebook publications; Woman vs Man: A cultural difference and 'A woman's pot, a man's stomach': A collection of poem on delicacies both by Sandra T. Adeyeye. He has a B.Sc Hons in Microbiology from Adekunle Ajasin university, Akungba-Akoko Ondo state. A lover of artwork, music and football. Tolu hails from Akure in Ondo state. The single Youngman is interested in taking Africa to the world with his style of writing.
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