Don't you ever wonder why some girls look gorgeous in the same outfit you seem to look shabby on? The secret is that they understand their body shape and know very well the right outfit that would suit them. They can spot out the parts of their body that needs to be highlighted and the one that needs to be a bit behind the scene.
    Just as I said last week, I'll be giving out tips on how to dress to suit your body shape. Although, a girl should know her body shape before understanding what outfits suits her best.
    There are basically five types of body shape;
1- The hour-glass shape

         They have a narrow waist and are endowed in both their boobs and hips which are almost of similar proportion.

2- The rectangular shape

           They have small or average boobs and no defined waist. Their hips and shoulders have similar width and they are not curvey.

3- The apple shape

            They do not have a defined waist and a lot of weight are formed on their stomach. They also have an average butt size.

4- The inverted triangle shape.

           They have large boobs, small hips and wider shoulders than the hips. The upper part of their body is usually larger than the lower part.

5-  The pear shape

            Their hips are wider than their shoulders and they have excessive butts and hips.

           When you have identified your body shape, it becomes very easy to pick out the type of outfit suitable for your body shape.

1. Tips for the hourglass shaped girls

         - Avoid ruffles or stuffs that adds volume to your boobs or waist.
        - Avoid wearing excessively skinny pants as it gives you a shorter look except when worn with heals.
       - Wear less of trousers with designs at the hip.
       - Use belts to show off your gorgeous shape.

2. Tips for pear shaped girls.

          When dressing, more emphasis should be placed on your upper body.
          - Wear A shaped dressed to emphasize your upper body
         - Focus attention upwards by wearing slim fitted and button down tops.

3.  Tips for Apple shaped girls

           - Wear clothes that would draw more attention to your boobs like V neck tops.
         - Avoid outfits with patterns at the belly so as not to draw attention to your stomach.
       - Wear clothes that would show off your great legs.

4-  Tips for rectangle shaped girls.

            Girls with this shape have very little curves and so should wear belts a lot to give an impression of slimmer waist and use bodycon dresses or huggy clothes more often to create a curvey appearance.

5- Tips for inverted triangle shaped girls.

         Since their upper body is wider than the lower, clothes that would even out the upper and lower body is encouraged.
      - Wear bootleg and wide leg trousers.
      - Wear strechy material dresses with a defined shape at the mid waist.
     - Wear tops that the sleeves extends to the neckline and use smaller sizes of blouse than your actual size to reduce the upper and lower body difference.

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Nikori Ese Praise is a third year Mass communication student of the University of Benin. Her pen name is P.E.N, an abbrevation of all her names. She loves good music and reads novels. She is inspired by her environment.
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