DEEP THOUGHTS - Uneasy is the head without a neck.


Uneasy is The Head Without a Neck.

This is for the all-knowing men and overly feminist women who operate as if relationship is an avenue to show their independent Nature or domineering attitude. A relationship is a platform for two individuals to support, grow and compliment each other. 

The social media today has become a conduit for half-baked literates to effortlessly spread their vermin to gullible minds. Their theories are so banal, their thoughts and advice so ridiculous and insane that I often wonder if it’s done purely for recognition or for mischief. 

Any relationship between people should be seen as sacred especially that of lovers. It’s supposed to be the purest and most sincere of all intimacies. It starts always as a puzzle in which slowly all the pieces come together to form a meaning. It’s not a chess game to see who is better at outsmarting each other. In fact, the strength of every relationship is measured according to the weakness of that relationship. This means how you complement the weakness of one another determines how strong the relationship is.
It’s so appalling to see the state of many relationships today. It’s such an eyesore mostly because people ingest every dung posted on social media and put it into practice in their homes. Imagine a lady waking up one morning and saying “a real man should not have more than two hours sleep every day” or a man saying “Domestic violence cannot end because it’s the woman’s fault” like seriously, where did our sense of logic and reasoning disappear to?

It’s true that not everyone is perfect and everyone has their shortcomings, but a healthy relationship is one which keeps you wondering how both of your imperfections can make you complete. This is because the end result of everything is wholeness. Even if you think you are perfect, you must also be complete.
Therefore as a man with perhaps a gigantic ego, if you don’t value the love and loyalty of your woman, your ego will be deflated beyond measure.  Also as a woman, you may have a free or restless spirit, if you don’t value the love, support and protection of your man, your free spirit will seem like a curse to you. 

In essence, try as much as possible to understand the sacredness and importance of your relationship. Never give up on love. And most importantly, never strike when the iron is hot because actions done or words spoken in a feat hurts and cuts deep; your apologies may not be enough to heal those wounds.

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...
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