Goal or Ego: Our Focus

In the world today, people who do not have goals in life are said to be unserious people, people with no focus. While this is true, there is another set of people that have been overlooked; people who are more focused on their ego.

They are more or less an offshoot of those who have goals. It is so intriguing that people tend to put more effort to ensure that their attitudes remain the same instead of modifying it to suit and adapt to dynamic environment.

Now, not all people with goals abandon them for their egos, at least not intentionally but because of circumstances they are not able to see past, they let ego come in and that dream or goal is made redundant. There are three key words in this topic: Goals, Ego and Focus. It is important to analyze it and see its use in this context. 

According to Wikipedia, Goal generally is defined as an idea for the future or desired result that a person or group of people envision, plans and commit to achieve. It is roughly similar to purpose or aim.

According to Merriam-webster, there are various definition of focus, but the one preferred in this topic is defined thus “state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding” and
According to Cambridge dictionary, Ego is defined as “your idea or opinion of yourself especially your feeling of your importance and ability”.

Now to the layman, this may seem harmless as all three can work together harmoniously as GOAL being an idea for the future would the need clear perception and understanding of FOCUS together with the opinion, the individual may have about himself to define his EGO.

 The truth is they may be harmless together in theory, but a lethal combination in reality. This is because other definitions of Ego from Webster, urban dictionary, etc generally summarizes Ego as being self-centered and having an opinion of himself which may make him bring other people down in the process.

Goal requires focus, Ego surprisingly requires ego which is perhaps the only thing similar about them. The efforts used in achieving them are different from each other.
Goal requires you having a learning habit and listening habit, but Ego makes you feel right about everything and only listens to reply, not to understand.

Goal is knowledgeable to know that it needs others to succeed, Ego is focused on making sure no one else take the glory of his success.
Goal may require a little bit of Ego if the Cambridge dictionary is to be followed, but that is having an opinion or ideal about oneself which invariably translates to belief, but Ego doesn’t have set goals: its only goal is to ensure that he is right, arrogant and always on top.

 Lastly, Goal enables an individual to see past his present predicament and focus on his desired end, but Ego makes an individual to focus on his present circumstances and forget his desired end.

Therefore, contrary to what people may say that only Goal requires focus, both need focus. The only difference between them is that while Goal may have a definite result in mind, Ego is just about being right.

 Therefore, an appeal to every individual especially leaders with beautiful dreams and goals: treat Ego as the enemy and translates your idea of yourself to belief and no matter how long or how far, it may take, they will always be achieved.

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...

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  1. Thanks for the clearer picture on goal, focus and ego. I have seen a lot of egocentric being going down while it has work for some people in their fields.


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