Diary of a Wit


I have always loved skyscrapers.

I'm friends with an architect. He’s not a very exceptional one, but he pours his heart and soul into whatever building is entrusted to him. It's amazing watching him work. I have seen him poring over blueprints. Watched him work with a builder to turn a rubble of brick and dust into a home. One brick at a time, one window at a time, one door at a time. It may not be as beautiful when I say it like that, but trust me, it is wonderful.

He works in a building as tall as a skyscraper and that's where I grew to love them. They tower over all and sundry but at their very core, they are just another aggregation of cement, sand and stone molded into magnificence by the crafty hands of a builder who brought to life the blueprints of an architect who saw magic where everyone else saw dust.

I have gone to the rooftop numerous times. It's the closest you can get to the sky without boarding a plane. I've seen the sun peek out from behind the clouds. Watched the birds glide effortlessly in the wind. I've seen the thick clouds, watched the rain break away from them to drench the earth. The technicolor rainbow as the sun peeked out on stormy days.

Looking down from that height is sometimes terrifying. I've thought so many things up there. But there's one thought that has stayed with me. We leave a part of us in everything we do. Whether it's something as small as lifting a bag for someone, helping a child across a busy road, or something as big as helping someone build a life, there's a part of us that stays with them. If so, it then becomes important to not only be good, but to ensure that we put in a bit of magic in the little-known bits of us that we share.

There is magic in laying down bricks that later become a home. But first, the magic comes from the architect. From the time he pours into his work, to the bits of his soul he gives into making a home. It all starts with him. It's the same for us all. We are architects. All of us. And, who knows? We might one day build skyscrapers. But it wouldn't be the height that would matter or keep it standing. It is what would be at its core.


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  1. Interesting article. The strength of the architect lies in his imaginative capacity. We are all architects in one sense or the other, let's imagine rightly.


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