This throne is one of a pair presented to The Queen by the Yoruba people of Nigeria in 1956. Beadwork and royalty are closely associated in Yoruba culture, and large quantites are considered a sign of wealth and status.
     Since the eleventh century, the Yoruba people of West Africa have lived in the south-western area of what is now Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. Beadwork and royalty were closely associated in this culture, with vast quantities of beads considered a source of wealth and One of the wealthiest  yoruba king  employed craftspeople to embroider their clothing and other objects, and these ornately decorated piece became an important  part of their regalia many of the colours and symbols applied in decorative beadwork hold spiritual  meanings, and the recurring patterns of traiangles and zigzags are designed  to create  visual tension and movement.

 Credits: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/royal-gifts-photo-preview-presents-given-queen-elizabeth-ii-throughout-her-reign-1615104

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