Dear Diary,

I lived a nightmarish life in this house. Days and nights of comfortable routine elapsed a year after the delivery of my first fruit. The dark realm of my nightmares longed for light and pleaded for justice. I guess finally, my heartbeats knocking on heaven's door has been heard.

Ejiofor held my trembling body tightly  to his bosom as he carried me into his bedroom - something he has never done. His eyes oozed out mixture of anger and regrets. He laid me on his bed - it was also the first  time - our past copulation was usually done in my room since his beloved first wife and my madam had the final say. As he laid me on his bed and kissed away my tears half-hazardly, I knew that my shattered world was about to be restored. When we locked lips in what I should call the first passionate kiss we have ever shared, my toes curled with joy.

Two nights ago, a heated argument escalated between Ejiofor and Adaku. It resulted to screaming, shouting, and exchanging of vulgar  worlds which threatened to collapse the building. Adaku  had returned from only God-knows-where by past 10p.m. Before her arrival, Ejiofor had spent  three hours taking vodka non-stop. I tried to talk him out of it but he wouldn't listen so I locked myself up in my room and waited. 

On Adaku's arrival, she got an unforeseen slap that sent her staggering erratically. Michael's voice trembled as he stuttered through his speech. He was obviously fighting to control his emotions. He rebuked the icily idea she came up with when she first started her night crawling, but soon succumbed, all in the name of giving her the opportunity to enjoy the joy of a motherhood. Her selfishness blinded her from seeing that she had undeniably stolen a mother's joy from a feeble young woman. Ejiofor had the right to stop loving her and love me for I was the reason his fertility as a man was proven - but he stayed glued to her. Adaku had been the only woman he had ever loved. She saved his life after he was involved in a ghastly motor accident and was waiting patiently for his death since he came from a poor background, and could only ask God for mercy knowing that he nor his family could even foot a hospital bill if he made it there. Adaku was only a school girl at the time so he promised to work hard, become wealthy and return to marry her if she was still single after surviving. As fate will have it, he stumbled on Adaku years later. She wasn't looking too well. She confided in him and told him her story. She had an abortion that damaged her womb. Life had become miserable after that, because she had been married twice and divorced. Ejiofor's love for her propelled him to propose despite her  past.

As the argument got hotter, I clung to the door of my room as closely as I could. Ejiofor was close to telling the untold  story, and I couldn't miss an ounce.

"Have I not tried Adaku? Should I kill myself in exchange for your insatiable  happiness?" Ejiofor thundered and went on, "I  am done sucking the life out of a poor woman that has done nothing but bear me children. You are not worthy to be called a mother. A mother wouldn't be out on the street gallivanting with useless men when she should be home tending to the welfare of her children. I have condoned your unending excesses, and this is the end of the road for us. Adultery is the highest you could go. I saw you; I also took a picture of you and him. Take whatever you have in this house and leave never to return".
He said it!
I opened the door and flung it shut behind me. Ejiofor moved slowly towards me, knelt down and wrapped his hands around my waist and buried his head in my belly to Adaku's astonishment,
"I am very sorry."

I told Ejiofor amidst tears that I already forgave him even before he could apologize.

Before I could say another word and without a glimpse behind, he stormed out of the living room with me in his arms. I felt Adaku trying to restrain him, but her voice failed her as she choked with both guilt and realization that she had lost the only man who ever truly loved her. It was already too late to turn the ever ticking hands of  time. As I stared at the white wall with him holding me tightly to him as if he was scared to let go, I heard his deep snore against my neck, immediately hot tears broke through my eye balls. I finally meant something to someone.
"This is the dawn of a new day for me" I thought and shut my eyes against a life of misery. 


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