So Akete calls and says his ticket was flashed and he cannot return home to naija o. I was beginning to raise dust about it when he said, I should not worry, he will be coming from Croatia now not Russia. I was puzzled, how could that be? He laughed and said the president of Croatia will be hosting him in her mansion for a week’s dinner and then the network interrupted our call. So, next week, we’ll find out what he has been up to. Right now the focus is on this handsome young man. Very, interesting and easy to talk to, Let’s dive into the interview segment.   

Sandra T. Adeyeye: So how would you like to be introduced?

Iyobosa: Iyobosa Osifo Naigbe, I’m also a graduate of Benin film academy BFA.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Are you a thespian?

Iyobosa: Yes

Sandra T. Adeyeye: And what's your focus?  Writer, director, actor etc.

Iyobosa: I’m an actor and also an mc.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Nice...

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Did you study theatre arts?

Iyobosa: Yes at the university of Benin

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Okay

Sandra T. Adeyeye: So presently do you do stage or screen performances?

Iyobosa: Both. Any one that comes if am cool with I go for it

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Okay great. What is the difference and challenges between these platforms?

Iyobosa: Time and  preparation. 
It takes more time to stage a play than to shoot a film. Preparing for stage performance make months rehearsals and all; But for film one can go on set almost immediately. And most time all actors on stage production will have to get involved in promoting it so that audience will be much; But for film after shooting u go ur way except if the maker of the film needs u for the promotion then u can agree. In all actors work more on stage performance have to give all lines with no errors. But for film one can make mistakes and still have time for corrections. Yet stage work pay less. Gestures, body movements and postures are very important in stage work.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: 不不不不不不不

Iyobosa: It’s true

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Lol. If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently? (Do you regret being a thespian and would you change it if you could?)

Iyobosa: Not at all. Besides it doesn't stop me from doing anything else

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Okay. Great. Now to the quick questions. Only short answers are required. What's your favorite play text?

Iyobosa: Idia by Pedro Obaseki.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite playwright?

Iyobosa: Pedro Obaseki.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: What's your favorite movie?

Iyobosa: I don't have favorite movies I like any good work that has something to offer.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite actor, director, dop/lightsman, costumier and set designer?

Iyobosa: Any actor who has made it into the industry and he or she is known for what they do. Those are the people I respect because it’s not easy. I love those that are still trying to come up like me, only when the person is focused and ready to break through.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite comedian and why?

Iyobosa: For this I love Charles Enojie and basket mouth too. I love them because of their spontaneous way for delivering. Not forgetting Okey Bakassi.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Are you a member of any body governing performance in Nigeria?

Iyobosa Am an AGN member Edo state chapter.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be remembered?

Iyobosa: I am not the one to say this; let my work speak for me on this one.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: And your last words to NiWco readers?

Iyobosa: If you’re reading this, take note and watch out for Iyobosa! I will do my best to make you proud as an entertainer.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Great. Thanks for the time.

Iyobosa: You’re welcome. 

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