Falling in love is the most amazing yet difficult feeling that could happen to you. When you fall in love with the right person, it's a beautiful experience with roses and fun but the reverse is the case when you fall for the wrong guy.

The challenge in falling in love with the wrong person can present itself in two forms:
1-  You love a guy but it turns out he doesn't feel the same way about you.
2-  You date a guy but he doesn't treat you like you mean anything to him.

The first challenge is one of the hardest experiences ever. You find yourself hurting deeply because your heart is longing for some guy you can't have. It hurts even worse when you find out he is in a relationship with someone else. Most times, you struggle to get rid of the feelings for him but it turns out that the feelings are growing stronger as each day passes. You find yourself longing so deeply to the extent of daydreaming about him. You want to stop, you want to forget, you want to go back to when it all started and snap yourself back to your right senses and hurt no more but you just can't.

I'm sorry to shock you dear, I don't have the steps to killing unwanted love. However, when you start to appreciate and love yourself more, you wouldn't want to hurt yourself; most especially for a guy who doesn't even care about you.

To practice loving and appreciating yourself better, you can start by staring at yourself in the mirror and looking for a part of you or your body that you love most and start to compliment yourself. You can look at your gorgeous self in the mirror and say,
"I am beautiful, lovable and I deserve the best. It is his loss because any guy who falls in love with me will be the luckiest man".

Try this often and after several days, you would start to appreciate yourself better and find out that you suddenly would start loosing interest in him. 

To be continued next week 😉 stay with me for more.

Please feel free to drop your comments and questions or share a personal story about the issues presented and how you overcame. Will love to hear from you.
Nikori Ese Praise is a third year Mass communication student of the University of Benin. Her pen name is P.E.N, an abbrevation of all her names. She loves good music and reads novels. She is inspired by her environment.
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  1. This is a typical case of so many girls. It can be so crazy n annoying. I love ur strategy to overcome the overwhelming effect.


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