DEEP THOUGHTS - Is There Any Morality Left??


Is There Any Morality Left?? 

“It is the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it” – Raymond Reddington

It is a popular saying that children are  divine gifts but the question not raised is, “What kind of gifts are we to them?”. This is what people fail to grasp in their behavior towards children. Inasmuch as we value the joy, comfort and security they bring, the right thing to do would be to be the best “present” that ever happened to them.
Now using the word “present” in this context indicates that it is not only the parents of the children, but every adult being they come in contact with and society at large.  This is important because of the increasing cases of child abusers, pedophiles and other cases of child molesters that surprisingly is slowly becoming accepted today to the extent that seminars are conducted extensively to discuss and convince people about the acceptance of this acts as a sexual orientation.
It is appalling to see this degrading morality that it begs the question “Is there any morality left?”. It’s like priority now is allowing questionable vices to thrive and also protecting perpetrators of this acts not minding the effect it may have on the young minds.
Children are the leaders of tomorrow, but day after day sees the steady decline in the protection of these leadership qualities. Instead they are made to feel less than themselves and exposed to psychological and physical harm.
The truth is however you treat these young ones, as the quote suggests, those of them who survive the world’s pressures will end up being crowned jewels, while those who couldn’t withstand the pressure end up being the world’s nightmare.
Moreover, if we sit back and reflect about the world’s events and it’s effect on the life of children, we will solemnly observe that we have contributed directly or indirectly to their hurt or happiness, their perception or perfection and probably why every spectacular action done by any one of them is evenly matched by a horrible deed done by another.
People who perpetrate evil deeds were once children and society failed them. We should therefore look at our mistakes to avoid repeating them instead of making them worse by allowing vile acts to thrive.
If we want to make the world a better place for our children, it’s time to turn our backs completely to those things that are morally and logically wrong to them (children) and focus on those things that will develop their qualities. Our consistency and patience will eventually win in the long run if we continue.

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