No One Owes Anything

“The only thing one man owes another is to objectively show him his options. The choice and results are his to bear” – Odigwe Jilams
This saying is true, but doesn’t mirror present life’s circumstances. Everybody knows in his heart that his fellow man and even the universe itself doesn’t owe him anything, rather they are adept at playing the victim and constantly blaming others for their faults and failures.
It is preposterous to think that the reason for someone’s stagnancy in life is caused by another one’s inactivity in their life. This is like attributing divine attributes to a mere mortal. What is so specific about a particular individual that warrants him being looked upon as a god and not you?
As the quote suggests, the best a man can do for his fellow man is to outline his options, the path he must follow, his choice and the subsequent results are his to bear alone. The truth is that those who always have this mind that a man/woman owes them something are mostly selfish, self-centered and stingy.
They forget that those who they pin their hopes on have their own hurdles to overcome and how is it that when they are not through solving theirs, they will solve yours? That is illogical.
Therefore friends, it is time to stop believing and acting like the universe or any man owes you. If anything, it is you who owes the universe to be productive and leave it better than you met it. Imagine a man being successful and his friend is not, which is why every man must ensure he is positively productive to psychologically reduce the stress on his fellow man.
We should start seeing life metaphorically as human beings who have had our hearts broken. The ones who enjoy it are those who have patience, persistence and perseverance and pamper it with optimism, while those who give up suffer its neglect, anxiety and treat it with pessimism.
When we do that, we stop thinking of what this world should do for us and start thinking of how this world can benefit from our existence.

Odigwe Jilams 

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...
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