My life has been a plethora of low times and blessings in disguise. How I kept sane all through was a wonder; truly will never be able to phantom how.

Follow my life tale…

I met Joseph,

He was an active member of the choir and children class teacher.

He was good looking, vibrant and popular.

We walked together and liked one another,

I was all he had and he was all I had.

With just a chair, bed in a single room.

Our hearts bled love for one another.

How it changed, I truly wonder -

The mistakes I made, and the steps I took.

The signs I saw but bore and overlooked.

My oversight, an expense I bare till this moment.

In this age, who can bear all I did?

My parents said, "don’t marry him!"

My father warned me against him.

“He is not from our village and he seems to have a temper.”

I replied “Is that enough reason? Explain Better!

To forgo and desert my love for him?”

But Lo and behold, I wish I had listened!

For if I had, my story might be different.

At least, I won’t have to share my sad and sorry tale.

My tale is of love lost, gained and lost again.

My life is a novel wherein I live its reality.

Await my next journal, willingly... I will give you a taste of how love went downhill....

Olanrewaju Oluwatosin Racheal pen name 'Tosraheal' is an avid reader and a budding young writer, she loves art and likes to dabble in different creative works. 
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