Episode 4
          More often than not, she found her thoughts going back to the man from the hallway. It was greatly unsettling, seeing as she was in the middle of a meeting, and as the representative of her District, she had made no meaningful suggestions.
          They had started in her absence. And as if that wasn't strange enough, three shamans were also seated in the Council Hall. This was never done. An unspoken rule of sorts. The shamans never attended Council meetings and the Council members stayed away from their rituals. Sure, there was correspondence between them, but never to the point of actual representatives during the meeting. Worse still, they seemed to be spearheading today's proceedings. Everyone seemed to look to them for approval before even so much as speaking.
          When the matter of the disappearances came up, it was wrapped up in a matter of seconds, as was the Council's Assembly. They had decided to let the shamans handle it! It was outrageous. She decided to take it up with Scott after the meeting rather than start a scene in a meeting she had been late to.
          "Let it be Rose. They are more equipped to handle it. It seems to be a spiritual matter of sorts. "
          She, couldn't believe her ears. The Scott she knew was pragmatic, more of a shoot-first-ask-questions-later kind of person. And here he was, suggesting nothing.
          "But people are missing! And why were they at our assembly? It's never been heard of. "
          "I said let it be! Stop asking these questions and get to your district! "
          She was appalled. Whoever this person was she was talking to, it wasn't Scott. She saw a strange cowrie necklace hanging about his neck and noticed as she retreated slowly, she was the only one of the Council Members not wearing it. Fuelled by worry and fear she turned and made her way quickly back to her home at the Oluku District. It wasn't much of a home , but it seemed much safer than this place.


          Or so she thought. As she got closer to her home, she realised there was probably more trouble ahead. Despite the debris and all that, she could make out a trail of fresh blood leading down the street. Violence was least in her district so this was definitely an off situation. Half her wits and the adrenaline rushing through her veins told her to get in her house, and shut the door. But curiosity prevailed and she found herself edging forward, following the blood trail. A stone fell and she jumped in horror as a scream escaped her lips.
          "Just a stone, just a stone." she said repeatedly like a mantra hoping it would calm her racing mind. Her hand slid into her purse and she brought out a small protective charm, holding it close to her chest as she advanced.
          And there, behind the crumpled wall, she found someone she least expected to see. 

Victory Okoyomoh, pen name - Victory Wrights is an Optometry Student at the University of Benin. A writer,  both prose and poetry, his works have been published in some anthologies and other websites.  He also run an instagram poetry account - @victory_wrights
All rights to this content is reserved, No part of this content may be used or reproduced in any form without the prior written permission of the writer, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and uses permitted by copy right law. For permission requests, email the media team at: Please click on the subscribe button to receive latest blog updates.

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