Salon Chronicle
Episode 1

It was eight o'clock in the morning, when Madam Lola stormed into Ella's salon, looking like a child spanked for messing up her cloth with butter cream from a cupcake.
As the morning sun shone brightly, life in the city was already bubbling, customers were trooping in and out of Ella's salon, some came to buy products, while others were there to render their services and some others to make inquiries. Employees attended to customer's needs with a beam of radiant smile on their faces while the customer care attendant was busy receiving orders, complaints, and inquiries from clients and returning feedback.
"Good morning ma'am", Faith the receptionist greated Madam Lola, wondering why she was wearing such a long face that beautiful morning.
"Good morning Faithy", she slumped down into the chair leaning against the wall, neatly arranged for customers. "Faithy, where is your madam? " she asked , adjusting her headtie with her right hand and using the left to wipe off clustered sweat on her forehead.
"Aunty she has not resumed work today ma, can I be of help? "
"Not at all Faithy, I will wait for her ". Faith sighed silently and directed her attention to another customer.
Classic_n_glamour exquisite salon,  attracted a lot of customers within the city and beyond. Situated in the heart of Abuja city, it has maintained its uniqueness over time. It's various compartment offer different services. With a well equipped hair do section, a manicure and pedicure session,  and masseuse that could massage even the weakest bodies making it the talk of the town.  Various cosmetics occupied huge counters, indeed it was a home of both organic and inorganic products .
Ella hadn't even stepped into her salon, when madam Lola caught sight of her and went to approach her in a speed of light.
"Ella I am so pissed off", madam Lola said ignoring the people around her.
"Calm down Lola, Good morning" she took a deep breath and added, "you scared the living hell out of me with your calls"
"I cannot calm down ohh, my husband called me a mad woman, Ella... me mad". She said displaying the aura of a typical Yoruba woman.
Ella, conscious of everyone's stare, quickly shushed Lola's mouth and dragged her into her office as she replied to  greetings from both her employees and customers with a wave of the hand .
"Babe, why did your husband call you a mad woman nah? That your quiet looking husband "  Ella said after offering Lola a seat in her office. she slid into hers too.
"Ella come and know what you will do to my hair o ". She said, while runing her fingers through her hair after having removed her hair tie scratching and hitting it simultaneously. "My husband said I should cut my hair and stop the useless social media trend that has now entered our blood stream". Ella's wondering eyes searched for exactly what Lola was talking about, but couldn't find an answer. "what trend again?", she asked, apparently looking confused.
"Team go natural trend. He said ever since I started the madness, I come home with different hair products, every part of the house has my hair strand and I make a mess of my hair. He also said I almost cry when combing my hair, and it is the beginning of madness", Ella was already rolling in laughter, coughing and holding her stomach. Lola ignored her and continued.
"He even threatened to cut my hairrrrrr!! Because I don't want to carry last ohh, see me see wahala Ella". Ella's laughter sounded so loud, that it magnetized the number one amebo worker in the salon towards her office as he couldn't help  but tiptoe to eavesdrop .
       Stay tuned for the next episode coming to you next week Thursday ..

Okenwa Stella Ugochi is a graduate of industrial chemistry. She is a lover of books and an addict to writing. She is creative, versatile and witty. She uses writing to motivate and inspire people. She is one of the writers of a food poem tittled; A woman's pot, a man's stomach. Life as a writer to her is a journey, and relentlessly she is going to take the world on a tour with her writing style.
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