Episode 2

Ella's stomach was already hurting due to the sporadic funny behavior of Lola, she had laughed her ribs out. 
"Ah Lola you are funky funny I swear. Keeping a man is not easy sha"
They both saw themselves in another rock and roll laughter. Ella quickly replied a text that popped up on her phone. She heaved a sigh when she was done typing and stared into Lola's face, it really wasn't funny again. She looked ridiculously mean, her expression spoke volumes of her disapproval to any more jokes. She really wanted to get done with all the difficulties she encountered because of keeping natural hair.
"All right, madam Lola. Let me come have a feel of this your hard knot hair".
Ella stood up and went towards her.
"Your hair needs transformation", said Ella, after running her hands through Lola's hair to get the feel of its texture. "it's so hard and coarse," she quickly added, "not to worry, we got this covered, give me a minute". She stepped out of her office to the cosmetic section.
"Anita, how are you this morning". She waved at the customer Anita was attending to,
"Hello", she waved back with a beautiful smile.
 "I am fine ma", replied Anita, going closer to her.
"Madam Lola's hair needs a good treat, it is so hard, she is already beginning to get fed up, and even considering to relax her hair". Her attention was distracted by a greeting coming from the salon section, she waved at them, giving them a sign she will be there shortly and returned her gaze to Anita.
"But that is not an issue ma, we have all it takes to make it soft and lush". Anita moved towards the shelves where the hair products were displayed.
 "Get me Virgin Coconut oil, Shea butter, and IFU ENNADA's leave-in conditioner".
Anita quickly searched through the hair products properly arranged in a horizontal and vertical setting. She gave Ella the three hair products she requested for and left for her office immediately, to run away from some insatiable customers, while Anita continued what she was doing.
"Now, first things first", she interrupted Lola, who was engrossed in her phone and didn't even realize when she returned.
"Ella come and see", she shoved her phone to Ella's face.
"See what?"                                             
"Can't you see Omoni Oboli's natural hair", she collected her phone and opened Ifu ennada's page. Giving it to Ella, she said, "Even Ifu  Ennada whose hair is not up to how long I have kept mine is way better and longer than mine".
Ella looked at her, and smiled. "Don't worry when I am done giving your hair what it requires, in two weeks time, you won't have an atom of complaints again. You don't know those people you admire treat their hairs like they treat their skin? Must people like you stay from afar and admire, not even trying to know how they achieved it all you want is for your hair to be like theirs. Well I am happy you know I am in the best position to give your hair it's glow. Like I said earlier when you were still carried away with your Instagram whatever. First things first. Your hair needs to be washed with El-glittas hair wonder natural shampoo and conditioner, after which these virgin coconut oil, Shea butter and IFU Ennada's Leave-in conditioner, will be applied into  your hair. These products repair your hair, rejuvenate your hair,  moisturize it, prevents breakages, makes it grow faster and keeps it soft and tender. When I am done with that, I am going to twist your hair, after which all you're gonna think of, is how to seduce your hubby with your new look. While it is twisted, keep applying these three products. Trust me, after two weeks, when you loosen the twist, you'd just have to run down here and take me out for a treat, because its response to the treatment I am going to give it will amaze you and you know what, you can roll it into any style of your choice."
Lola was already giggling at what Ella was telling her. She didn't even know when she said, "Looking good is a good damn business." The joke had them both giggling like young girls.
"Let us go already Ella". They both headed to the salon section to get Lola's hair done. 

Stay tuned for next episode, a new beauty recipe will be unveiled.
Okenwa Stella Ugochi is a graduate of industrial chemistry. She is a lover of books and an addict to writing. She is creative, versatile and witty. She uses writing to motivate and inspire people. She is one of the writers of a food poem tittled; A woman's pot, a man's stomach. Life as a writer to her is a journey, and relentlessly she is going to take the world on a tour with her writing style.

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