So the journey so far keeps getting interesting. I am always excited to meet and mingle with the young men and women (still expecting a woman to have time to share with us) that make our lives less stressful considering the challenges we face in the country daily. This young Benin based artiste with me today is an interesting character to watch out for. Want to know why? Read our chat.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be introduced?
Kelvin: My name is Kelvin Owie MINDSET.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Did you study theatre arts?
Kelvin: No, Actually I studied English and literary studies.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: How long have you been practicing?
Kelvin: Officially for two years ago.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Do you do stage or screen productions?
Kelvin: I’m primarily into screen productions.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: What's the difference and their challenges?
Kelvin: The both are professional in their style and manner of Creativeness. However I do prefer screen to stage for business purposes!
Sandra T. Adeyeye: If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently? (Do you regret being a thespian and would you change it if you could?)
Kelvin: Not really. I know I am fulfilling purpose in this Craft. I love to be in the world of ink. I am a unique writer with unique ideas to service clients. This I do with total humility and resilience. So, No, I don’t regret anything.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Now to the quick questions. What's your favorite play text?
Kelvin: Ola Rotimi’s ‘The gods are not to blame!’
Sandra T. Adeyeye: What's your favorite movie?
Kelvin: The Bridge
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite actor, director, dop/lightsman, costumier and set designer?
Kelvin: Pete Edochie/Omotola Malware
LANCELOT Oduwa IMASUEN/ FrankRajah Arase/Kunle Afolayan
Production Crew: Kunle Afolayan Crew. Likes of Tunde Kelani/Dabo
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite playwright?
Kelvin: Ola Rotimi
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Are you a member of any body governing performance in Nigeria?
Kelvin: Yes
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite comedian and why?
Kelvin: Bovi. He is an embodiment of humor
Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be remembered?
Kelvin: A good name the Bible says is better than riches and gold! A good Name I crave!
Sandra T. Adeyeye: And your last words to NiWco readers.
Kelvin: Do your own thing and always aim for the top. Be the best You can because nobody can make you interior without your consent!
Believe in God and also believe in yourself because when your FAITH says YES God would not say NO!
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Okay... Thanks for your time
Kelvin: Thanks again

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