I was on set with this very handsome gentleman. Don’t let his good looks fool you, he is as tough and disciplined as they can get.An Abuja based director and film maker. I learnt a lot from our chat. Let me let you into our gist.
I am still waiting for a woman to break the lineup of manly interviews. If you are a female in the entertainment industry, hit me up. I want to hear and share your story too

Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be introduced?
Allison: I am Anaba Allison
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Great. Did you study theatre arts?
Allison: No I did not study theatre arts.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: How long have you been practicing?
Allison:  13  years.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Do you do stage or screen productions?
Allison: Both stage and screen but strongly screen. I’m a Director, producer and actor.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: What are the differences and their challenges?
Allison: Stage is artificial set while screen is natural set not the other way round. The challenge of theatre is patronage while screen is funding, marketers and their beauracracy.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently? (Do you regret being a thespian and would you change it if you could?)
Allison: No regret being a thespian, it’s my God given potential, I am a natural.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Now to the quick questions. What's your favorite movie?
Allison: ???
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite actor, director, dop/lightsman, costumier and set designer?
Allison: Director - Steven Spielberg.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite comedian and why?
Allison: I don’t have favourite comedian.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite playwright and play text?
Allison: "Macbeth has murdered sleep and he shall sleep no more". Wole soyinka.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Are you a member of any body governing performance in Nigeria?
Allison: AGN and NANTAP.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be remembered?
Allison: I would like the world to remember me for my contribution to human n society development both physically and spiritually.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: And your last words to NiWco readers.
Allison: Believe in God and also believe in yourself because when your FAITH says YES God would not say NO! To my readers keep keeping in touch with the blog. Information is power.
Sandra T. Adeyeye: Okay... Thanks for your time
Allison: Thank you too.

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