Black Woman

This is my first blog post and I hope my readers can relate to my words as these posts will be personal and honest.

She is independent, strong and fierce; she is everything the philosophers define a woman should be. But she was once broken, bruised and hurt. Over the years ,this woman had suffered all sort, her waist always hurting as she cooked and carried one child on her back and the other clinging frightenly to her leg. She never complained though, these children made her happy.
She had no man in her life. No man to protect her, to hold her, to provide for her and her little ones. She didn’t care, she had left him and it no longer makes a difference, she told herself she could live without him. And she did.
In our nation when a marriage fails and couples separate, people blame the woman. Women are marked with the scarlet letter. They are frowned upon by the natives and some never recover from the evil eye they are given.
But the thing that’s most important which we all fail to notice is that these women, or my woman in focus;  did nothing but love, adore and cherish her man, bore him children, cooked and catered for the home like any woman should. What is wrong in all that she did?
The black woman, cries herself to sleep late at nights, her hearts racing and her hands trembling to protect her little ones. "They are my everything " She constantly reminds herself.
The black woman is a survivor; truthfully there isn’t a person on this earth that can be compared to her. She doesn’t need to walk with her chest high in the sky for you to realize that she’s the queen. A black woman is an independent queen and she needs no king for she rules her kingdom with gentle but firm fists. She’s beautiful both in and out.
The black woman has been through and goes through many things in this black society. How do we the other black queens support our sisters? Do we mock each other or lynch ourselves ?
We sisters have to be strong together even if the society doesn’t give a damn about us. The best way of achieving this goal is by holding firm the bond that we share.  It's a call to unity and oneness. 

Aisha is a young writer. She writes to promote everything about the African woman. And hopes to bring glory to the continent.

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