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The tale about friendship -1

Jide and I started off as great pals.  I hated his manners. He actually treated folks too mean. Days passed. It was time for him to move.  I felt a nudge; I couldn't believe I was actually feeling anything. And then in a chat - I texted -"safe trip". In my heart, that wasn't to say goodbye but I wasn't totally ready for the things that text would bring. 
It became an amazing experience. The beginning of true friendship, one that I have never experienced before in my entire life.  I mean I have lived two decades and had met lots of people but I have never seen such great friendship and a bond of a great relationship.  In others I've always been the one to sacrifice, build, lend, give, waste, recover, restore and build.
But this time, it was different -the cares, love, counsels, gifts, values, experiences, talks,  the overall change in my spirit,  knowing him increased my knowledge to another level and has given a forever lasting change syndrome to me.
The bridges we've built
Ones we've Crossed.
The counsels, chastening, and fun
The burden sharing and spirit lifting
The lessons learnt and taught
The huge memories we've made
And lots I cannot recall.
As humans, there were lots of times when we 'fell out' with each other,  everyone does right?  I've lost count.  They say 'love covers all wrongs' today I agree it's true, I can barely remember what caused those fall outs but I had pinned the date of a recent one down not because I know the incident but because it was my birthdate. And yes!  Love covers all.
But in all of these,  my words during these times are not controlled, most especially the fact that I'll hold unto saying "we should go apart" 'end the friendship ' 'stay on our paths ' ...
Finally,  these are my lessons;  I should never say those things ever again, my tongue needs bridling a whole lot. And when I have an amazing friend again - I should not push them beyond their limits.
He's gone.  I know someday I'll not feel any pain of the vacuum anymore and I'll forgive myself.  Till then - I own up to my wrongs and live with the guilt.

Peace Harrison is a computer engineer with passion for inspirational arts: writings, spoken words and poetry. Her major aim is impacting into lives using various platforms.

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