Iron Sharpens Iron

“There is a difference between somebody who wants you and somebody who would do anything to keep you. Remember that”
There are various interpretations and meanings to the title above. However, I want to bring it to the area of relationship between a man and a woman. The thrust of this discourse is basically the importance of a man or a woman in any relationship and how with their “sincere” co-operation, they can achieve the impossible. The keyword “sincere” because some couples do have an unwritten and unspoken co-operation to bring each other down and tear each other apart.
In our society today, people don’t understand the meaning of relationship or its importance to individuals and by extension the society. They feel it’s mostly about “not having bad days”, “strictly romantic”, etc. While some others feel it’s about having a high “body count” or other sexual escapades to have a good story during pals’ night-out. Some even make up such stories. All these further buttress their ignorance about relationship as a whole.
Being in a relationship is one of the most beautiful and most challenging decisions in life. Most times, its beauty comes from its challenges. This is why even though it seems like it is meant for everyone, only the rational, logical mind can navigate its unpredictable waters. A relationship blossoming with understanding, mutual respect, care; is only possible because both parties decided to work towards it and the reverse is the case for relationship with ego, disrespect, misunderstanding. A relationship is not meant to be endured, but even as nothing good comes easy, so also is it for a relationship.
A relationship is meant for two people to complement each other. As its popularly said that “no one is perfect”, it is important for both parties to not only know this, but to work on themselves to see how to accommodate each others’ flaws. It enables one imperfections look appealing and actually boosts confidence to the person in question. Thus, while we may thrive for perfection, being “imperfectly perfect” in a relationship makes it blossom.
A situation on social media of a man who couldn’t pay his rents on time and if not for his wife’s foresight, he would have been embarrassed beyond more is a vivid example of complementing each other in a relationship. Therefore, even as we are diligent and determined to be successful financially, academically and otherwise, we must also remembered to channel that energy towards benefitting from it’s prospects and ensuring that they enjoy and get good memories for it.    

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