Òrìșà-Oko (known as Ocó in Latin America) is an Orisha In Yorubaland of Nigeria and Benin Republic, he is a strong hunter deity as well as a fighter against sorcery. He is associated with the annual new harvest of the white African yam. Among the deities he is considered a close friend of Oosa Ogiyan and Shango as well as at one time husband of Oya and Yemoja.
Òrìșà-Oko is depicted with a wooden staff, called a òpásórò, a representation of his relation with trees; and flute made of bone, a representation of sexuality and fertility. It is confused with Oxalá, since both dress white. Bees are considered the messengers Òrìșà-Oko.
Òrìșà-Oko is considered to have the power to cure malaria; a sickness associated with agricultural workers. He is a referee of conflicts, especially among women. He also judges disputes between the orixás.

Slaves taken to Brazil give little importance to Orisha-Oko.
He is syncretized with Saint Isidore among cuban orisa practitioners of Santería/Lucumí/Regla de Ocha, et al.

SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oko_(Orisha)

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