As a full grown woman, with more than two decades of marriage left behind. I can boldly tell you that I wear my scars quite well. Many see me and marvel; very few know my story, even with its tidbits and snippets. Let me continue from where I stopped.

James was a Sunday school children teacher.
Active in church programs as he also led teenagers on evangelism.
Months into my marriage I heard rumors -
Strange and unbelievable rumors.
That my husband has been cheating on me with a teenage girl in church!
The teenage girl's mother was even in support of it.
I was confused but I wanted to catch him red-handed!
So one day, fate brought my earnest wish to reality.
I found a letter, in his  shirt pocket - this was during a  break from school.
Having heard rumors from different quarters of how he used the teenage girl living with us to send secret messages to the girl he was cheating with. Even of how the girl boldly frequented my matrimonial home.
Tough guts, I must say!
What I saw in the letter written to him marveled me
"I am pregnant" it read...

What did I do? Who did I share my pain with?
Till next episode. I hope you share my tale with another sister. She might just learn something from it.
Olanrewaju Oluwatosin Racheal pen name 'Tosraheal' is an avid reader and a budding young writer, she loves art and likes to dabble in different creative works. 
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