Episode 10

          She turned to run back into the shaman quarters but found herself stuck and unable to move. The only fight she had was her will. She looked at Emeka and saw him trapped too, she could feel them being separated as the High Elder tried to reach into her mind. Or maybe not hers, he was trying to reach Emeka through her.
          "Stop resisting, or this will not end well for you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. If you keep resisting, I will kill you, and still get what I want."
          She looked at him again, she wasn't sure what he had to hide, or it's importance in all of this, but it was obvious that whatever it was, Emeka was willing to die for it just as much as the High Elder would kill for it. Hell, he planned to kill 36 people, and that was not right.
          The people were gaining on her and she struggled against the spells keeping her still. More incantations slid from her lips and she managed to free herself enough to get a shot in the Elder's general direction. Emeka spoke every spell he knew through her lips, desperately guiding the bolt and hoping they'd also be enough to reduce the High Elder's protection. They were. The bolt went through his skull, and everyone else fell to the ground.
          She looked at him. The trip down Memory Lane wasn't very appreciated. But it helped her realise some things. One, she wasn't ready to die just yet and secondly, she couldn't live with him just like this. She wanted more.
          She looked round at everyone lying down. They would wake up soon, and they would not believe her. The people of Benin were very realistic people and there was no way she'd be able to explain to them how or why she killed the High Elder and maimed two others. She knew that the shamans would not tell the truth. It would be her word against theirs and in that case the people would rally behind their spiritual leaders.
          Whatever happened here today, hadn't just started here. It had a lot to do with the Eastern City and she was going to need there. She hoped to find answers and a way to make him stay with her, permanently.
          She turned to leave finally, heading straight for the district gates. He smiled at her, and that gave her all the confidence she needed as she said goodbye to Benin City.

Victory Okoyomoh, pen name - Victory Wrights is an Optometry Student at the University of Benin. A writer,  both prose and poetry, his works have been published in some anthologies and other websites.  He also run an instagram poetry account - @victory_wrights 

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