"Denrele! Denrele!... You seem not to understand anything from
what I've taught you all these years" Denrele's Father Shouted.
The war between the two families didn't just happen. Shola's Family got tangled in this with the ex-military colonel - Denrele's Father - who has grown bitter with greed and hate.
"I've told you before, do not get involved with Shola. He’s to be
eliminated, just like his father should have been..." He continued.
Denrele dropped his head into his palms and walked his fingers through his scruffy looking hair in a bid to think faster.
"Dad, I'll do what needs to be done." Denrele grudgingly said, and
stormed out of the room.

"Yes, this is Thor. Who is this?" He asked not wanting to jump into
conclusions for he had perceived it was Denrele from the moment he said hello.
Denrele and Shola were like little brothers to him but he had
favourited Denrele whom he said had a stronger and more willing spirit.
"It's Denrele" the caller finally said with a tone that carried an iota
of fear. He knew immediately that there was trouble and Denrele had tried to handle it all by himself but had made matters worse. The snake had bit him hard and only he could take out the poison.
"What is the problem Denrele?" He asked without waiting for him
to open up.
"It's Shola."

Denrele explained the situation to Thor, their malicious and dreaded godfather and they had contrived a plan on how to deal with Shola. If only he knew that Thor was the heart of everything happening.
They set out late around 9pm that very day, driving through the street lit road to Shola's comfortable apartment; stopping by his golden designed gate, both men, concealing pistols in their pockets, stepped out from the tinted vehicle with their veins pulsating with madness.
"You go first", Thor asserted.
Denlere nodded and marched forward bursting the gate open and
"Blaw! Blaw!" a pistol sounded outside, waking Shola from his
drunken slumber.

“Welcome home brother” Shola laughed as both friends pointed
their guns at each other.
“Home? Brother? How can you say such words after what you
did?” Denrele queried with irritation written all over his face.
“What I did? I never did anything than protect you and your
interest dude. You’re my brother...”
“... Shut up... stop saying it” Denrele screamed. He believed him
but he just could not understand how things could just fall apart. “If youdid not do it, then, we have been chasing ghosts and...”
A gunshot broke out straight to Shola’s head as Thor proceeded
from the darkness.
“It’s done.”
“No ooo” Denrele broke down. “Wrong target Thor... Wrong
“What do you mean?”
“He didn’t do it. I believe my brother did not do anything...”
“Yes, he did not. I did.” He shot Denrele in the stomach and
immediately kicked the gun out of his hand. “Guess I just have to fix this part of my plan myself” he said as he produced as folded picture from his jacket. “As you go to hell, you need to know the sin you committed so take a look at this picture... that’s my family. You rugged dirty scums invaded my cool city, raped my sisters and killed my parents because you felt you could get away with anything?”
Denrele rushed at him pushing him to the floor and twisting the
gun inward. One last shot.


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