I love the smell after rainfall,

It gives hope of a new dawn,

I love raindrops on leaves,

It gives a picture of petals. - Miracle

It gives a picture of petals,

Clear as crystals,

Wounded in mother earth's bosom,

With a beauty surreal.

Petals that smells like vanilla,

I wish I would just watch it grow,

I wish the flowers would make me whole,

I wish it will be the first thing I see and the last.

 - Dorcas & Grace

The last night rays glittering off the glassy sea,

Serene as the green highlands,

Set apart like mountains from valleys,

Oh, what composition can describe this spectacles? - Jilams

Spectacles eyes only cannot behold,

Dimples twinkle on sight of mountains,

Awestruck by its contemporary valley,

How I wonder what you are. - Tolu

Valleys; How I wonder what you are,

Splendidly spread across the land,

Green fields as carpet

Sprawl on all your landscape. - Successa

Landscape of my earth might be rocky,

Might be sandy or just plain clayey,

But in all it variations, truly it,

Blesses and nurtures food for my belly. - Tosin

Belly has butterflies flourishing in it,

When the morning dew touches the earth,

Who can contend with the beauty of the waves of the ocean?

Even the creator marvels at His creatures. - Peace

Creatures hovering in the sky and on earth,

Giving a painter an infinite source of muse,

With winds from willows filling the air with mirth,

And waters that run fervently, pure and loose. - Samuel

Loose must be mother earth's womb,

Raped, abused,  misused, are her fruits,

The land stands desolate in ruin,

Yet we marvel at her glory - Nature's glory. - Sandra

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