Denrele drove into the compound hitting the gateman at the back.
"Kai oga!" Abdullahi said faintly.
"If you dare open that gate tonight, you are gone, gone forever.
You hear me?" he shouted as he wheeled into his apartment. The
gateman lay on the floor with mouth wide open seeing another thriller from his boss' son. Denrele walked to and fro waiting for an idea to pop up.
"Huh! My plate number" he rushed out of the room to remove any
means of identifications as the gateman watched on from his apartment.
"Open this gate or else you are all gone!" Someone at the gate
thundered. Abdullahi shivered on hearing another military command within minutes. Gunshots into the air became sporadic as men in uniform surrounded the building and he heard the scampering footsteps and car tires screeching in the distance.


“What did Shola expect?! No one cheats me and gets away, No
way! Not after what he did.” Denrele shouted to an empty room. “He broke the brotherhood code so he has to pay for it. The brotherhood comes first! Did he think, I 'Denrele the Deadly' will let him go just like that? I just have to call daddy now, he will sought out this dogs on my scent…”
Denrele and Shola were bosom friends from their first year in university.
They joined the same fraternity in school and rose in ranks together.
Having plundered, threatened and exploited their way around campus.
The name of this two, cause even the fiercest of students and lecturers to

quake in their shoes. Now in their fourth year, a sudden wind blew - bosom friends turned into enemies. “What could be the cause?” Noisy whispers could be heard as various rumors waved across departments and lecture halls; but it has escalated now. It’s no longer a feud but a blood bath as corpse of young students litter the campus surroundings daily leaving many injured in the mad rush. The school premises has turned to a battlefield.


"More heads will roll! More families will cry for the demise of their children; until I, Shola get that son of a bitch down and pee on his fucking mangled body" he guffawed while his sagging fat sides quaked from the effect of his deep throated laughter.
To say he was obese for his age – 23 – would be an understatement. His teeth were all shades of brown and his breath reeked of pure tobacco. He held a rotund cigar in his hand and puffed on it with a long gold chain worth hundreds of pounds. His baggy trousers could take in hundreds of men with a bubu shoe encompassing his plump sturdy legs. Shola was spoilt from childhood. He had never made a result in his life.
All his results were either paid for or simply awarded out of fear of his father - a former minister and one time colonel in the army - who made sure he had everything.
"He thinks his good look gives him an edge over me but he seems
to have forgotten that I taught him the codes of fraternity and mentored his silly ass to maturity. The battle line has been drawn Denrele!” He smiled wickedly with vicious glints in his eyes as he puffed circles in the air.


Thor grinned as he realized his ingenious plan was becoming reality.
"I will destroy them", he had vowed. "For killing my beloved
family; I will eviscerate them". He had hatched this plan for months, outlining variables, eliminating probabilities until finally he created the perfect blueprint of a master plan with all alternatives covered.
Taking a family portrait of his family and looking at it "Denrele's father took everything from me, it’s time to return the favor", he said as if talking to the portrait. Putting it back in its place, he
sighed, "It's time for phase two.”

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