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How To Care for your Human Hair

Two weeks after the makeover of Lola`s hair, she walked into classic_n_glamour, majestically. Her radiant look illuminated the salon; her natural hair was beautifully rolled into double sideways doughnut at the front part of her head. She wore a white hanging Fendi designer polo, a high waist blue jeans and nike air max 97 glitter shoe. 

She met Ella fixing her customer mongolian kinky curly using ear to ear frontal and directing her girls to give her customer the best. After all, Customers they say are never wrong.  
“O.M.G !  Who is this Ethiopian goddess of beauty?" Ella cried out, as Lola approached her. Lola blushed shyly; she greeted other ladies and entered into the open arms of Ella. “Thank you so much,Ella. I really owe you one. You cannot imagine my husband's admiration for this hair. He said my hair looks so beautiful,  that the fragrance is a killer,  he even added that it's seducing. You don't want to know that he assisted me when I was styling this beautiful hair pack.” Lola emphatically stressed, rolling her eyes like Cinderella in the arms of her prince charming. Everyone who heard Lola could not help but burst into laughter. Lola is just one hell of a clown; her whole body expresses her words when she talks.  

“Ella your hands and recipe are so magical! Margret said. “Thanks dearie” Ella replied, clasping both hands. 
“Can you teach me how to maintain my human hair extension? I get so fed up maintaining it. I don't want them to go to rot, not with the huge amount we buy them with.  I want to resurrect my old hair extensions”. Margret concluded. 
“You know”, Ella began, “irrespective of the human hair bought, less expensive or very expensive, maintenance is what makes it stand out. It is called after care. “Excuse me”. Ella said as she quickly rounded off with the hair she was making. She stood where other ladies who seemed to be very interested in learning the after care tips could get the whole gist. 

“Your after care routine for your hair extensions determines the longevity of it, this is the reason it's important to understand how to care for hair extension correctly. In maintaining hair extension, three things are involved :  washing the hair with recommended after care shampoo and conditioner, drying and conditioning with good leave in conditioner . The products you use on your hair are determined by the type of hair ; whether straight, wavy or curly.  This prevents using  products that would affect the quality of the hair. Today, I will recommend the product you should use.  My own products will be in the market, soon”. A round of applause evolved from the audience she was talking to.  

“Thank you so much. Now first things first, hair extensions must be brushed with open toothed comb before they are washed, it is very important as it helps make them tangle free, such that combing the hair once you are done washing becomes very easy. Once you are ready to start washing, I recommend gentelle hair fruit shampoo and conditioner, start off with wetting your hair, and apply enough shampoo. To help shampoo spread throughout the hair, lather the shampoo into your hair with a splash of water. Gently massage the shampoo in the hair, work your way through the rest of the hair, stroking instead of scrubbing into the mid lengths and ends. After your hair extensions are fully covered, you can rinse off the shampoo, using warm water. Once the shampoo is removed, take a large amount of the hair extension conditioner I recommended and apply to the mid length and ends only.  Don’t apply condition on the bonds of hair extension it can make it come loose. Once applied, leave conditioner for 5 to 10 minutes to soak in as much as possible, and rinse off the same way shampoo was rinsed off. Squeeze out excess water, do not comb hair when wet. Let it get dry or better still use hand dryer. When it is dried, apply leave in conditioner.  I recommend miracle leave in conditioner until mine becomes available”. Ella chuckled and gave a wrap up of the hair maintenance impromptu tutorial she had been giving for over 10 minutes.
“Finally ladies, for any other hair extension asides  kinky curly, you can use just leave in conditioner, but for kinky curly hair, irrespective of its type, i.e Mongolian, Brazilian, etc. make use of water and leave in conditioner. Good luck beautiful ladies as you maintain your beautiful hair extensions”. 

Samson the number one amebo in classic_n_glamour salon, screamed from the section he was mixing cream for a customer “My boss is a professional, any other one is a counter, counter, and counterfeit”. Ella was speechless, Samson can be noisy, and troublesome, but he is an intelligent dermatologist. Every one thanked Ella for her time. Margret who made the teaching happen was so grateful in particular. She just couldn’t wait to go home and rebrand her hair extensions.  

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  1. A visit to a saloon is more than Hollywood and Nollywood movie in combo. Amebo alert! Nice piece.


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