Sarturday as it has always been at Classic_n_Glamour, a home of solution to every beauty wahala, bubbles with lots of activities. Amaka by perruzi and 2face is heard playing in the background. All the staff were up and doing as expected. Office workers were found trooping in and out every minute. After all,  It was saturday and it was a free day for them. Nonso drove into the complex in a black venza with his two friends, Ahmed and Kenan. He already told them a whole lot about the exquisite services offered at classic_n_glamour. He told them it was the best place in town to get a good hair cut, with no worries of transmitted disease ; as all equipments are sterilized before use. Ahmed and Kenan looked forward to having such an amazing treat.  Kenan had complained severally about having itches after shavings by his previous barber. The three cute looking dudes alighted from the car, a young lady who walked out of the salon caught a glimpse of them and Nonso the sharp dude gave her a wink. She smiled at him and walked pass. Ahmed smiled at Kenan and gave him a slight shoulder push when he saw how glamourous the exterior concept looked.
"This place is dope, really classy as the name implies. Hope their charges are cool", Ahmed said, staring at Nonso.
"Yeah, they are.  Wait until you get inside, especially the  barbing section,  they have the right equipments and sterilize every equipment properly".
"Guys ! " Kenan called, "do you know I heard diseases like hepatitis are highly transmitted in barbing salons ? " Nonso and Ahmed stared at Kanen weirdly as he spoke.
"Where on earth did you hear this, guy?", Nonso asked.
"From the news. Health news ohh. It is said that when barbers do their jobs, clippers may be exposed to blood from customers; that could lead to such infection".
"Kenny thank you for the lecture. Can we go inside alread ? That won't be our portion Abeg". They all chorused Amen to Ahmed's prayer and walked into the salon. They were given a warm welcome and offered a sit to await their turns.
"Everything about this place is classic and organized", Kenan confessed. "So palatable", added Ahmed. "Oh boi ! see that fair babe ! " Kanen whispered to his guys. "Guy calm down. Let us get done with this first". Nonso told him, tapping him on his back.
"You are welcome guys", Mic greeted. No doubt, Mac was in charge of the barbing section. He was known for his expertise in the art. Even Ella respects his craft. Wondering ? The barbing section has both male and female professional barbers with Ella as the best female barber.
"Mic", Kenan called
" what's up bro ? ", replied mic.
"I have been nursing this question for quite sometime, but I think you might have an Answer. Is there any after shave care for men?". Kanen, always having a question to ask or recent news to disseminate, probed.
"Of course ! " Mic replied, before asking him to come and get his hair cut. Ahmed was already getting his hair shaved by a lady barber. At first, he was being so sceptical about letting a lady do his hair cut, but an assurance from Mic and Nonso gave him a go ahead. His eyes were so glued to his reflection in the mirror as he sought errors to scream at.
"My friend. There are four basic tips to care for your shaved hair. All guys that shave their hairs need to practice this diligently. It helps to maintain good hygiene, avoid itches and dandruff and promotes good look". He clipped the cloth he spread over Kenan's behind, took a clipper from newface nv208c 2in1 UV & high temperature sterilizer, and began shaving his hair. Kenan's bearded chin and molo always made a cute pair.
"Like I was saying, there are four aftercare tips for your shaved hair. The first is, use a men's shampoo since thy are designed specially for the scalp, and will keep it clean and mosturized. Most men ditch the shampoo and conditioner, trust me guy, it is wrong. Secondly, do not expose your scalp to the sun frequently. It is very important. You and I, and even every other guy here knows that bald and burnt isn't fun". That made Kenan and other guys burst into uncontrollable laughter . That was a pure truth.
"Therefore", Mic continued, "it is best to apply sunscreen frequently, specially in 9ja where the ultra-violent sun ray is so scorching. Your scalp is more sensitive to sun than any other part of your body. Thirdly, keep your self hydrated and moisturized. You are advised to drink plenty of water and apply a skin moisturizer on your head. I recommend coconut and aloevera recipe, it is a very good moisturizer. The fourth and the last is quite funny but true. Massage your scalp, it promotes good blood flow which in turn aids healthy hair growth.
"My babe deh nahh, she will be glad to run that package for me". Nonso aroused another round of laughter with his funny comment. Some other guys nodded in agreement to that.
"These four tips are very important and not difficult to carry out. When you patronize us next time, for the beard gangs, I will teach you how to care for your beard, how to make them soft and mild, no itches, how to make your girlfriends and wives horny just by a feel of it"
Mic was already done with Kenan's hair shave. There was an uproar in the salon. Some guys with beards wanted him to tell them the secret to lush beards. Unfortunately, Mic kept to his words, he was done for the day. Kenan was so grateful to Nonso for bringing them to such an exquisite salon. Ahmed was amazed at how good looking his round cut looked,  a hair cut made by a lady.
Stay tuned for the next episode.

Okenwa Stella Ugochi is a graduate of industrial chemistry. She is a lover of books and an addict to writing. She is creative, versatile and witty. She uses writing to motivate and inspire people. She is one of the writers of a food poem titled; A woman's pot, a man's stomach. Life as a writer to her is a journey, and relentlessly she is going to take the world on a tour with her writing style.
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