So I finally got a female interview after the search for so long. I can tell yo u for sure that it was worth the wait and you will see why.

This woman has been a woman crush for some time now. She is beauty and brains; very talented and down to earth. Always ready to serve and professional to a core. Here’s a bit of my experience with her.

I’m still open to more women in the industry to share their knowledge and experience with the world through this column. Please reach out, I’ll be more than happy to interview you.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be introduced?

Bukky:  I’m BUKKY THOMAS, ACTOR, model, Voice over artist, Christian, Single mum, amiable person and extroverted.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Wow, lovely introduction. Did you study theatre arts?

Bukky:  No I’m a graduate of philosophy and religion from my first degree then I did my masters in the field of marketing, same university (MBA marketing). I perfected my acting in different ways by attending film schools and workshops.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: How did you find yourself in the industry and how long have you been practicing?

Bukky:   My friend was invited by Nifemi Bruce in ‘Dear mother’, and I strolled in with her, I was given a script but she wasn't, so I gave it to her and he rebuked me vehemently then, I told him to his face that I was not game and walked away, but he called me later for his main job and after I was hooked. Now it's been from a good success story to another, it's 8yrs now.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Do you do stage or screen productions?

Bukky:  I do both. I have been on stage with Art Osagie, Tunde Alabi, etc. I am also a casting director, I write too.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: What are the differences and their challenges?

Bukky:  Funding is the major challenge; in stage it's time consuming, but when you are not properly funded for rehearsal, how would you be fully committed?  For Screen too, you see actors joggling from one set to another just to make end meets.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: If you could go back in time, is there anything you would do differently? (Do you regret being a thespian and would you change it if you could?)

Bukky:  No regrets but would change the passage form to the industry. Every profession has rules and regulations, guidelines and codes of conduct, not just that someone finishes from a contest and because you are vocal and expressive, you automatically give them roles, saying they have much followers on social media. Where is the place of professionalism, to attain greatness?

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Now to the quick questions. What's your favorite movie?

Bukky: Boomerang

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite actor, director, dop/lightsman, costumier and set designer?

Bukky: I don't have favorite, for every set and production, it's a challenge and fun because I learn everyday.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite comedian and why?

Bukky: Koffi, he his selfless, meet him anywhere he will give his all to make you happy.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Who's your favorite playwright and play text?

Bukky: Moremi, I love the character.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Are you a member of any body governing performance in Nigeria? And how difficult is it to join?

Bukky:  Yes, I’m a member of NANTAP - National Association of Nigeria Theatre Arts practitioners. Actors guild of Nigeria, Nollywood Creative Minds Forum where I’m acting as Vice President (female).  It’s not difficult, and that's my worry.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: How would you like to be remembered?

Bukky: I would like the world to remember me for my great works.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: And your last words to NiWco readers.

Bukky: An entertainer is your friend, we do our best to put a smile on your face always and show you what the real world is all about.

Sandra T. Adeyeye: Okay ma’am... Thanks for your time.

Bukky: Thank you too.

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SANDRA T. ADEYEYE, Author and Founder of NiWco_street
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