Givers and Takers

Hello, humans, another one is here. I know I still have to go through my list of fears and all, but for the past couple of weeks I've been having this bugging thought in my head.
A quick back story. I was having a conversation with my aunt and she made a seemingly normal statement "Always make friends with people you know you can benefit from, If you can't get anything from them then why keep them around, they will only drain you".
Honestly,  I've gotten such kind of advice on several occasions but with the same meaning 'surround yourself with people you can gain from'.
Highlight and underline the word 'GAIN' meaning 'To acquire possession of what one did not have before'. What we didn't have before could be in form of material value, emotional, spiritual or others.
Down to my mind bugging thought. The whole perception of gaining from friends or people makes little sense to me, for example; If People all focus on taking and getting from others, who would be left to give?
Sincerely, we are all focused on following this person because he/she would get me this dress or he/she would have time to advice me on certain issues or he/she would go out of their way to help me get this thing. But, is it right ?
Does it make sense to be a taker? I see myself as a giver. Is it naive and stupid? Probably. I've been called worse but I just can't help it. I can't imagine being a taker always.  I can't imagine not being a giver, giving my time, my love, my material possessions and even my heart because honestly those things matter. As  givers, we are called fools because we refuse to take advantage of people. Takers take advantage of the givers. It's the circle of life.
I prefer being a  giver , and do what the name states - 'give' to being called a taker with the sole purpose of milking dry full pockets.
In relationships, friendships and even marriages, we are either of the two - either a giver or a taker. Which one are you ?
In your opinion, do you think taking is better than giving ?  Leave your answers in the comment box. 

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