Consistency Is Key

A professor once told me in class that you can turn your passion to profession. One thing he neglected to mention is the need to posses the attitude of consistency to achieve this cycle. Consistency is very important in every life’s decisions, progress, dreams, goals and ambitions. Everyone will always have a passion or dream, but consistency is what makes that passion or dream a reality and propels it to unimaginable heights.

Consistency is very essential to human existence but it has been grossly overlooked that its importance is not obvious to the average man. According to the Longman dictionary of Contemporary English, “Consistency is the quality of always being the same, doing the same things in the same way, having the same standards, etc”. The Oxford living dictionaries also define consistency “as the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary in quality over time.

Both are correct as consistency in one’s chosen endeavor produces quality overtime. However, consistency as seen in the definition also requires patience, focus, conviction amongst others to be effective. It therefore means that there is no two ways about it because someone must be consistently patient, consistently convinced and consistently focused to achieve his heart desires.

In Nigeria today, research has shown that so many small scale businesses don’t last up to three years even with the best plans possible. Various reasons were given, but I sometimes ask myself if one major reason was lack of consistent patience. That the issue of trying to get the money quickly and since it is not happening, they become discouraged and pack it up.

Let’s take a cue from African’s richest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote. In an interview, he revealed that it took him over 30 years to get to where he is today. THAT IS CONSISTENCY!!!!!!. He had a business plan and backed it up with patience and consistency.

Consistency makes you become pro-active. Even if your plans were the best, they will subject to be change because of the dynamic environment we live in. This is where being able to adapt, be creative and also to adjust comes in.

Discouragement and distractions will be numerous and all around you to hinder you from your goals but when using Telescope to view a particular object in the sky, you consistently and continuously adjust your focus towards that particular object until all its surrounding celestial bodies are insignificant specks. That is the kind of approach we should have in life for us to succeed. We must consistently and continuously adjust our focus towards our goal till all the distractions become insignificant.          

 Therefore, seek consistency and you are one step closer to your goals.

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