My Fate Is In My Hands

It is important that people don’t see the above as a nice cliché or phrase, but as a way of life. If possible, it should be the creed of every individual on earth. No one on earth has the power to decide your fate, predict it and/or control it, not even our parents. The highest anyone can influence your life is to objectively show you all your choices, possibilities and challenges. The decisions to take then rest entirely on you alone.
Tiger Woods, the famous golfer is a perfect example of someone who decided his own fate and didn’t listen to the ramblings of others. At the age of 42, he had gone through a messy divorce, had over eight major surgeries most of which were on his back, pulled out of tournaments prematurely, ranked below #1000 in the golf ranking, etc.
He was seen as a write off. So many people with their carefully crafted arguments laced with facts and figures gave him enough reason(s) to quit, but he just ignored their rantings and made them eat their own words by once again winning a competitive Golf tournament at the age of 42.
Who is your fellow man to decide your fate? What powers or foresights does he have to dictate to someone what he can or can’t do/achieve? Has he/she finished deciding theirs? Anyone ready to convince you to the extent of limiting you is not your friend. Infact in this context, a friend is someone who can voice his/her reservations about your choices and decisions, yet will still go out to support you.
These are the kind of friends we should surround ourselves with and that is the extent to which everyone including parents should go in supporting their children’s dreams, goals and choices. The truth is that anyone saying you cannot do better than what you are doing is trying to reassure himself/herself that since he couldn’t do better, he can at least tell people what to do and what not to do, thereby controlling others.
When you stop listening to people’s subjective logical advices, there is no limit to what you can do. Who would have thought that Tiger Woods would win a competitive Golf competition after five years? But he did.

Controlling your fate makes your potentials limitless. It makes you break records, set the pace, raise the bar and makes you a phenomenon. Therefore, control your fate and make your choices today and you will be glad you did.

Jilams Odigwe is an enthusiastic writer who borders the line between a realist and optimist. His love for art is fluid, which makes Bon vivant of some sort...

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