I was young and knew little about what happened around me, when I first heard that Nigeria is the giant of Africa, rich in Natural resources and crude potentials.
I remembered vividly asking my mum,
"Mummy why does daddy always return from work looking miserable and disappointed? Always complaining of fraudulent government and corruption? isn't Nigeria a rich country?".
She said to me, "Bambi you are still young to understand the menace of this country. Nigeria is casted. I pray things get better before you become an adult."

When I graduated from primary school, I was sent to a government secondary school. I cried my eyes out while gazing at the school and its environment. What sprang up in my head was to run. "To where?" I muttered beneath my breath. Poor infrastructures, no good classrooms, no toilet, teachers were reluctant to teach... They constantly go on strike when they don't get paid. I thought, "Where are the revenues allocated to education in the country?"
Stepping into state higher institution, what I saw contradicted my initial mindset about universities. Lecturers want students to sort them, even after sleepless nights of jacking. Some lecturers threaten to fail students if they don't have sexual intercourse with them. Poor teaching system, injustice during SUG elections, cultist activities and so on. 

Bribery and corruption at all levels, looting of money, constant genocide and massacre. I remembered when mum told me she prayed things got better before I became an adult. I am afraid to say, but the change is infinitesimal. No one can save us from this perilous time, unless we do.
Rise up Nigerians! In the spirit of independence:
Say No to corruption!Say No to bad government!
Say No to callous killings!
Show love to your fellow Nigerians and vote wisely in the coming 2019 election. #onelove.
> Okenwa Stella <

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