As a kid, life used to be very simple and stress-free. I'd run around in the streets with children from other houses, regardless of the tribes and backgrounds. We'd play together in whatever atmosphere and weather. I only had thoughts about how to play, eat and sleep. My parents did the struggle after all...

There's a mantra we often chanted;
"We are the leaders of tomorrow".
As I grew into adulthood, reality struck and then I realized that
"Life is actually not a bed of roses "
I've had to taste the bitter part alongside the sweet part of it.. I've had to deal with emotional conflicts, pressure from peers and the society. Maturity came at an early time.

"The society will never give you what you want, you will always have to go for it"
These are the words of my teacher. Sooner than later, I realized the truth in the expression.
My heart aches for a time when the green crops in the savannah would grow without any threat of being consumed by pests and rodents.

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